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Architectural photography

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Here are entered works on photography of buildings. Works on photography as used in architectural drawings are entered under the heading Photographic reproduction of plans, drawings, etc.

Found in 27 Collections and/or Records:

American Institute of Architects New Orleans Chapter Records

Identifier: SEAA-047
Scope and Contents

This collection of records from the New Orleans Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA founded 1857; New Orleans Chapter founded 1910) includes membership rosters, correspondence of officers, publications, photographic prints used in the 1959 AIA publication A Guide to Architecture of New Orleans, 1699-1959, by Samuel Wilson, Jr., and negatives of copy photographs used for a 1957 AIA exhibition A Century of Architecture in New Orleans.

Dates: 1926–1980

August Perez and Associates Office Records

Identifier: SEAA-189
Scope and Contents

This collection includes project drawings and photographic documentation of commercial, residential, educational, and religious buildings. Projects were done locally within Louisiana and nationally.

Dates: 1940s-1980s

C. Milo Williams Photographs

Identifier: SEAA-149
Scope and Contents This collection includes photographic negatives placed on glass plates, which were made by New Orleans architect and amateur photographer C. Milo Williams (1867-1954). Negatives are mostly 8” x 10” in size. Tulane created prints of many negatives in the early 1970s, which are included within the collection. Photographs include members of Williams’ family; landscape views of New Orleans, other areas in Louisiana, and South America; and architecture in New Orleans and elsewhere. Most...
Dates: 1890s–1910; 1970

Clarence John Laughlin Photograph collection

Identifier: SEAA-026
Scope and Contents

This collection includes photographic prints with views of buildings in and around the New Orleans area, as well as some Louisiana plantation views by Louisiana photographer Clarence John Laughlin (1905-1985).

Dates: 1930s–1950s

Collection of Louisiana Architecture Photographs

Identifier: SEAA-097
Scope and Contents

This articifial collection includes original photographic prints that show Louisiana architectural subjects, and include buildings in or near New Orleans, Louisiana. Works by J.D. Edwards, Reverend C. Booker, and Theodore Lilienthal are maintained.

Dates: 1850s–1960s

Collection of Reproductions of Theodore Lilienthal New Orleans Photographs

Identifier: SEAA-020
Scope and Contents

This collection includes copy prints, which were made in 2000, of the original albumen photographs created for the Paris Exposition of 1867. Subjects include, but are not limited to, city districts; churches, synagogues, and convents; hospitals and mental asylums; schools and colleges; streets and neighborhoods; public parks, docks, and waterways; commercial and government buildings; and personal and communal residences.

Dates: 1867-2000

Curtis and Davis Project Photographs

Identifier: SEAA-175
Scope and Contents This collection includes project photographic prints and negatives from the office of New Orleans architects Curtis and Davis Architects and Engineers (Nathaniel C. Curtis, Jr. 1917-1997; Arthur Q. Davis, 1920-2011). Photographs and negatives were taken from various offices in New Orleans, New York, New York, Los Angeles, California, Berlin, Germany, and London, England. Projects were international in scope, and include academic, commercial, medical, prison, religious, residential, and...
Dates: 1940s–1970s

Frank H. Boatner Collection of Louisiana Architecture Photographs

Identifier: SEAA-150
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of 16” x 20” copy photographic prints of New Orleans and Louisiana architectural subjects. Photos date to late 19th century through 1960s and consist of a set of 10 volumes for New Orleans, and 9 volumes for Louisiana plantation houses and subjects outside New Orleans.

Dates: Late 19th century – 1960s

Gerhardt Kramer Office Records

Identifier: SEAA-167
Scope and Contents

This collection includes project drawings and correspondence around residential projects and alterations to buildings.

Dates: 1930s

Howard "Cole" Coleman Photograph Collection

Identifier: SEAA-110
Scope and Contents

This collection of photographic prints, made by New Orleans photographer Howard “Cole” Coleman (1883-1969), includes views of Louisiana architecture, particularly New Orleans buildings and plantation houses outside New Orleans. Views of Mardi Gras/Carnival, Louisiana, other personages, and other subjects are also maintained. Prints are gelatin silver, 8” x 10”, and are organized by volume.

Dates: 1958-1960s

Louisiana Historic Sites Material Collection

Identifier: SEAA-012
Scope and Contents This collection includes original maps prepared by Bernard Lemann (1905-2001), for his 1967 Historic Areas and Structures survey of historic buildings and areas of Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Area maps of the city show individual properties, which were color-coded to indicate relative importance. The survey was prepared as part of the Community Renewal Project for the New Orleans City Planning Commission. Included is a photographic supplement, with photos taken by Elizabeth “Betsy” Swanson,...
Dates: 1968-1975

Louisiana Landmarks Society Records

Identifier: SEAA-038
Scope and Contents

This collection includes correspondence, minutes, announcements, and photographic prints collected by the society. Photographs of Pontchartrain Beach Amusement Park in New Orleans, circa 1982 to 1983, were taken before its demolition by an unidentified photographer; these are maintained within the materials. Photographers include G. Wilson Small, Jr., Ronald J. Caire, Tebbs and Knell, and Betsy Swanson.

Dates: 1940–2004

Louisiana Plantation Photographs Collection

Identifier: SEAA-064
Scope and Contents

This collection includes photographic prints of historic Louisiana plantation houses along River Road. Photographs are copy prints of original photographs, made by Shell Oil Company, to use as illustrations for invitations to a social event (photographer unknown) in 1968.

Dates: Late 1960s

Marie Pilkington Campbell collection

Identifier: SEAA-032
Scope and Contents

This collection includes photographs of historic buildings, specifically plantation houses in St. James Parish, Louisiana. Marie Pilkington Campbell’s research regarding the buildings accompanies the photographs. Photographs include smaller lesser known structures as well as large plantation houses.

Dates: 1910; Undated

Michael Barba New Orleans Doorway Photographs Collection

Identifier: SEAA-119
Scope and Contents

This collection includes photographic prints of typical New Orleans doorways, made by Tulane University architecture student, Michael Barba, in 1987. Prints are black and white gelatin silver prints, 6” x 9” in size, with specific sites in New Orleans unidentified. Photographs were made by Barba as partial credit for a course in the Tulane School of Architecture taught by Milton G. Scheurermann, Jr.

Dates: 1987

Morgan Whitney Louisiana Architecture Photograph Collection

Identifier: SEAA-069
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of 248 5” x 7” platinum photographic prints of views of Louisiana architecture, particularly plantations, courtyards, and historic sites. These photographs were made from 1890-1906 by Morgan Whitney (1869-1913).

Dates: 1890–1906

Paul G. Charbonnet, Jr. Office Records

Identifier: SEAA-173
Scope and Contents

This collection of records, from New Orleans architect Paul Gilbert Charbonnet, Jr. (1919-1984)'s office, includes project photographs, drawings, and correspondence regarding academic, athletic, commercial, religious, and residential commissions in New Orleans, throughout Louisiana, and in a few cities across the United States.

Dates: 1930s–1970s

Philip M. Denman Photograph Collection

Identifier: SEAA-017
Scope and Contents The collection consists primarily of photographic series taken by Philip M. Denman, dating from 1969-2017. Supplementary information (1978-2017) includes biographical and historical documentation relevant to the photographer and the sites he photographed.One group pertains to the historic plantations Laurel Valley and Seven Oaks. The majority document Laurel Valley Plantation, located along Bayou Lafourche in Thibodaux, Louisiana. These photographs show the complex as it existed...
Dates: 1969-2017

Rathbone DeBuys Office Records

Identifier: SEAA-035
Scope and Contents

This collection of records, from New Orleans architect Rathbone DeBuys's office, includes a substantial amount of photographs featuring buildings that he designed, some of which are illustrated in drawings. His writings (including college theses) and a few sets of project drawings are also maintained.

Dates: 1904–1929

Ray Thompson Collection of Louisiana Architecture Photographs

Identifier: SEAA-067
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of 246, mostly 8” x 10” black and white silver gelatin prints of photographs of historic Louisiana architecture, principally in New Orleans.

Dates: 1890–1960

Richard Fishman Ironwork Photographs Collection

Identifier: SEAA-117
Scope and Contents

This collection includes photographic prints, made by Richard Fishman, of typical New Orleans ironwork. Photographs were made around 1965 as partial credit for a history art course in the Newcomb College Art Department at Tulane University, taught by Jessie Poesch.

Dates: 1965

Richard Koch Papers and Photographs

Identifier: SEAA-080
Scope and Contents This collection includes photographic negatives and contact prints of architectural subjects, made by New Orleans architect Richard Koch (1889-1971). The majority of negatives show historic architecture of Louisiana, but there are also views of buildings in the American Northeast, Europe, and elsewhere. Negatives are mostly 4" x 5". Louisiana negatives were mostly made during the 1930s and 1940s in connection with Koch’s work as head of the Louisiana Division of the Historic American...
Dates: 1882–1960

Rock and Galloway Office Records

Identifier: SEAA-168
Scope and Contents

This collection of records from New Orleans architects Rock and Galloway (John Walter Rock, 1923- 2009; William J. Galloway, Jr., 1927-1992)'s office includes project photographs, specifications, and correspondence regarding academic, business, religious, and residential buildings. Teaching records, publicity material, and project models of apartments, churches, and schools are also maintained.

Dates: 1950s-1992

Rudolf Hertzberg Louisiana Architecture Photograph Collection

Identifier: SEAA-079
Scope and Contents

This collection includes hundreds of 5”x7” contact prints, several 8”x10” prints, and associated glass plate negatives of Louisiana architecture, made by New Orleans civil engineer Rudolf Hertzberg. Views are mostly of New Orleans buildings, with a few Louisiana plantation houses. Negatives were made to illustrate the book New Orleans and Its Environs by Italo William Ricciuti (New York, 1938).

Dates: 1937

Thomas Sully Office Records

Identifier: SEAA-008
Scope and Contents This collection of records from New Orleans architect Thomas Sully (1855-1939)'s office, as well as successor offices, includes drawings, photographs, correspondence, and specifications for residential, commercial, institutional, educational, and yacht projects in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Personal photographs of Sully’s leisure activities, dating from around 1890 to 1895, are also maintained. Many document hunting and fishing trips on his first...
Dates: 1882-1923

Walter Cook Keenan New Orleans Architecture Photograph Collection

Identifier: SEAA-078
Scope and Contents

This collection includes 1800+ loose and mounted photographic prints of New Orleans architecture made by New Orleans architect Walter Cook Keenan (1881-1970). Original negatives are also maintained. Historic structures include a number of Keenan preservation projects that often show buildings before, during, and after restoration.

Dates: 1945–1952

William C. Odiorne Photograph Collection

Identifier: SEAA-016
Scope and Contents

This collection includes 22 photographs featuring various streets and buildings — such as the Calbildo, the Old Absinthe House, and the United States Mint — throughout New Orleans.

Dates: 1919-1924