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Clippings (information artifacts)

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 182 Collections and/or Records:

Robert Usher papers

Identifier: LaRC-114
Scope and Contents Robert J. Usher was librarian at the Howard Memorial Library when it was incorporated with the Tilton Memorial Library of Tulane University and became the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. He was the librarian of the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library from 1940 until his death in 1944. The collection consists of personal letters to Usher, dating between 1914 to 1927, primarily from his future wife (Ethel), relatives, and friends. There is also business correspondence, dating between 1937 and 1943,...
Dates: 1901-1953; Other: Date acquired: 01/10/1962

Roger P. McCutcheon papers

Identifier: LaRC-926
Scope and Contents The collection consists of a biography, correspondence (1919-1954), speeches, poems, essays, course materials, clippings (1941-1974), pamphlets, and photographs relating to the life and career of Roger P. McCutcheon (1889-1965). McCutcheon was the former dean of Tulane University's Graduate School. He joined Tulane University in 1925 and retired in 1954, when he accepted a post of head of graduate education at Vanderbilt University. He contributed to the Dictionary of American Biography, a...
Dates: 1908-1974; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1986

Rudolph Matas papers

Identifier: LaRC-868
Scope and Contents The collection consists of biographical and personal papers, correspondence, clinical histories, photographs and sketches of aneurysm patients, lectures, syllabi, papers, notes, diaries, speeches, abstracts, patient account books, scrapbooks, articles by Matas, newspaper clippings, photographs, personal memorabilia, Tulane memorabilia, and bibliographic cards. There is a scrapbook of the Louisiana State Medical Society created during Dr. Matas' presidency as well as his History of Louisiana...
Dates: 1829-1960; Other: Date acquired: 04/08/1969

Ruth McEnery Stuart Clan records

Identifier: LaRC-369
Scope and Contents The collection consists of the Ruth McEnery Stuart Clan's historical and biographical information, constitution, and bylaws. It also contains clippings, lists of officers, correspondence, minutes from meetings, treasurer's reports, bank statements, yearbooks, as well as scrapbooks. The literary society was founded in 1915 by Judith Hyams Douglas, who named the society after her friend, author Ruth McEnery Stuart.
Dates: 1907-2010; Other: Date acquired: 09/11/1976

Ruth McEnery Stuart papers

Identifier: LaRC-139
Scope and Contents Collection consists of Ruth McEnery's Stuart's letters to Drs. C. Augusta and Emily F. Pope of Boston, Massachusetts (1897-1912), George W. Cable (1895-1896), and to family and friends (1894-1914).  Also included are notes and memoranda, programs of readings from her works, press notices, and clippings. Literary works by Ruth McEnery Stuart in this collection include: a manuscript of "To Her Crazy Quilt.  A Study of Values"; a typescript of "The Final Triumph of Jeremiah Prophet Elijah";...
Dates: 1893-1984; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1948

Sacred Heart Alumni Association records

Identifier: LaRC-953
Scope and Contents The collection contains the Sacred Heart Alumni Association's constitution and by-laws, list of board members, history, reports, minutes, records, photographs, programs, and scrapbooks. In addition, there are yearbooks, newsletters, as well as bound copies of the school's newspaper and speeches.
Dates: 1931-2003; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/2003

Samuel Louis Gilmore, Jr. papers

Identifier: LaRC-695
Scope and Contents The collection consists primarily of materials relating to Samuel Louis Gilmore, Jr.'s career as a poet. Items include correspondence, photographs, manuscripts of poems and plays, a notebook, publications containing Gilmore's works, scripts, as well as newspaper clippings. Also in the collection are Gilmore's translations of Baudelaire's poems from Fleurs du Mal.
Dates: 1909-1996; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1980

Schuppert family papers

Identifier: LaRC-327
Scope and Contents The collection is made up of correspondence, legal documents (birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, emigration and citizenship papers, powers of attorney, testaments) relating to the family of Dr. Moritz Schuppert, originally from Barburg, Kassal in Germany. There is also a genealogy of the Banner-Schuppert family, a newspaper clipping and translations of some of the documents in the Schuppert Collection by Dr. Rudolph Matas.
Dates: 1837-1938; Other: Date acquired: 06/11/1970

Scott Wilson papers

Scope and Contents Scott Wilson was in public relations and also a major political campaign manager in Louisiana. He led ad campaigns for Maison Blanche, Latin American commerce, Coastal Television Company, New Orleans Cotton Exchange, the City of New Orleans, and the St. Charles Hotel. He worked on the campaigns of such notable politicians as Hale Boggs, John McKeithen, Victor Schiro, F. Edward Hebert, and Allen J. Ellender. The collection consists of personal and business correspondence, advertising campaign...
Dates: 1921-1978; Other: Majority of material found in 1945-1965

Sidney Lanier papers

Identifier: LaRC-116
Scope and Contents This collection is primarily composed of the letters of Sidney Lanier to Clare deGraffenreid, but also includes letters to and from Sidney's wife, Mary Day Lanier, poems of Sidney Lanier, newspaper clippings, and an invitation to a memorial service for Sidney Lanier.
Dates: 1875-1886; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1961

Silver Thimble Fund records

Identifier: LaRC-96
Scope and Contents This collection consists chiefly of correspondence between Silver Thimble Fund founder Miss H. E. Hope-Clarke, of Wimbledon, England; and her close friend Martha Robinson, of New Orleans, concerning Robinson's efforts to establish a Silver Thimble Fund branch in the United States during World War II, the success of the venture, other war relief efforts, and personal comments between the two women on the progress of the war. There are also wartime newspaper clippings from England and America,...
Dates: 1924-1950; Other: Majority of material found in 1940 - 1945; Other: Date acquired: 12/04/1961

Simon family papers

Identifier: LaRC-708
Scope and Contents The collection consists of Jewish literature and genealogical material pertaining to the Simon, Hodgson, and Marques families in addition to related clippings and photographs. There are also several items belonging to Joseph Simon including a notebook, a will, memorandum books, resolutions, and photographs. Alvin Simon's papers include checks, a scrapbook, receipts, advertisements for his "speak-easy," called the Suburban Gardens, in addition to clippings about the nightclub and its performers....
Dates: 1845-1984; Other: Date acquired: 12/11/1971

Sophie Bell Wright collection

Identifier: LaRC-801
Scope and Contents Sophie Bell Wright was a New Orleans resident dedicated to the education of children and the physically disabled. At the age of fifteen she opened a day school for girls in her mother's home. She expanded this school into the Home Institute, a boarding school with a full staff. She later founded a night school for boys. The collection was originally mounted in two scrapbooks, consisting of material collected by Jennie Wright. It consists of correspondence, school materials and programs,...
Dates: 1890-1912; Other: Majority of material found in 1898-1901

Southern States Art League records

Identifier: LaRC-11
Scope and Contents The collection includes correspondence from the early days of the League (1921-1925), bulletins (1925-1947), membership lists (1925-1946), clippings (1922-1925), press lists (1927-1947), records of prizes of annual exhibitions and of donors to the Woodward Award Fund. Also included are financial records, artist files, exhibition catalogues, clippings,  board minutes, circuit materials, and later correspondence (1926-1947).
Dates: 1921-1950; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1946

St. Charles Hotel records

Identifier: LaRC-204
Scope and Contents The earliest handwritten record is in Spanish, and dates back to the 1789 sale of a plot of ground by Beltran Gravier and his wife, Maria Josefa Delonde, to Jacques A. Percy for the sum of 1,500 pesos, which later became the location of the St. Charles Hotel in New Orleans. Subsequent sales by the Percy heirs are documented with a chain of titles, to Robert Montgomery and Greenbury R. Stringer, to the Freret Brothers, to John Hagan, the Exchange Hotel in 1835, and to the St. Charles Hotel in...
Dates: 1789-1931; Other: Date acquired: 12/02/1972

St. Clair Adams papers

Identifier: LaRC-291
Scope and Contents This collection consists primarily of the documents of Richard Leche's defense attorneys. New Orleanian Richard W. Leche, Louisiana governor from 1936 until his resignation in 1939, was later charged with bribery, contempt, income tax evasion, mail fraud, oil fraud and conspiracy to defraud the state. He was convicted of mail fraud and was sentenced in 1940 to ten years in Atlanta federal prison. He was parolled in 1945 and given a full pardon by President Truman in 1952. Most of the papers in...
Dates: 1934-1965; Other: Majority of material found in 1939-1940; Other: Date acquired: 12/04/1964

Standard Fruit & Steamship Company records

Identifier: LaRC-653
Scope and Contents This collection is composed of the business records of Standard Fruit & Steamship Co. and related bodies, including the files of Salvador D'Antoni as well as administrative records throughout the corporate evolution of the company. Items include business papers, blueprints, newspapers, correspondence, minute books, articles of agreement, financial papers, minutes, contracts, telegrams, reports, clippings, and pamphlets.
Dates: 1900-1977; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1980

Stibbs family papers

Identifier: LaRC-246
Scope and Contents The collection consists of letters written by John Howard Stibbs to his family during the Civil War as well as correspondendence by John Henry Stibbs, Dean of Students at Tulane University. There are also invoices and receipts for stores for the 12th Iowa Infantry Volunteers, manuscript notes, genealogical materials, photographs, newspaper clippings, reunion programs, military commissions of John Howard Stibbs, scrapbooks, as well as correspondence by Virginia Stibbs Anami. The letters and...
Dates: 1819-1990s; Other: Majority of material found in 1859-1986; Other: Date acquired: 04/12/1974

Swiss Society of New Orleans records

Identifier: LaRC-210
Scope and Contents This collection consists of by-laws, annual reports, histories, membership applications and lists, correspondence, announcements, invitations, bulletins, clippings, photographs, mailed post cards, handwritten and typed journals, financial records, and other records of the Swiss Society of New Orleans.  This collection contains primarily material from the 1890s as well as 1970s and 1980s.  A 1968 pamphlet, titled Burials in the Tomb of the Swiss-American Society of New Orleans, includes the...
Dates: 1855-2010; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1969

Theodore Glucksmann papers

Identifier: LaRC-699
Scope and Contents Theodore Glucksmann (1877-1963) served during the Spanish-American War and, after the War, worked as a machinist, doing defense work in Panama and the United States. The collection includes correspondence; letters of recommendation; certificates; Glucksmann's obituary; a family tree of the Glucksmann, Kern, and Handelman families; photographs; and newspaper clippings. Also included is the military record of Glucksmann's father, Alexander Glucksmann (1833-1891).
Dates: 1898-1982; Other: Date acquired: 11/09/1984

Thomas Ewing Dabney papers

Identifier: LaRC-229
Scope and Contents The collection consists of correspondence, typescripts, biographical material, and newspaper clippings. Thomas Ewing Dabney was a journalist for the Times Picayune as well as a prolific writer on the history and customs of Louisiana and the South, especially New Orleans. There are manuscripts of articles, novels, a play, and histories.
Dates: 1833-1969; Other: Date acquired: 12/07/1972

Townsend and Stanton families papers

Identifier: LaRC-19
Scope and Contents The Townsend-Stanton collection consists primarily of the correspondence and manuscripts of Mary Ashley Townsend, Adele Townsend Stanton, and Cora Alice Townsend. The manuscript material is primarily that of Mary Ashley Townsend (some under the pen name Xariffa) and Adele Townsend Stanton and includes includes poems, prose, and plays. Also included are pamphlets, scrapbooks, bound volumes, and autograph books.
Dates: 1845-1946; Other: Majority of material found in 1852-1907; Other: Date acquired: 03/05/1951

Travelers Aid Society of Greater New Orleans records

Identifier: LaRC-365
Scope and Contents The collection is made up of the historical and business records of Travelers Aid Society of Greater New Orleans. Included in the collection are the organization history, by-laws and constitution, purpose and function, organization and administration, minutes, financial information, reports, and correspondence. There are also cases, studies, conference material, publicity, newspaper clippings, ledgers, pamphlets, newsletters, account books, receipt books, and registers of cases.
Dates: 1913-1970; Other: Majority of material found in 1940-1969; Other: Date acquired: 06/10/1970

William B. Wisdom collection on Huey P. Long

Scope and Contents The William B. Wisdom collection of Huey P. Long includes materials produced during Long’s political career and relating to his assassination, including broadsides, circulars, pamphlets, periodicals, photographs, correspondence, speeches, advertisements, ballots, campaign materials, newspaper clippings, full newspapers and plaques. Correspondence (1925-1940) includes letters from both Huey P. Long and Earl K. Long. There is also a galley proof of "Louisiana Hayride" by Harnett T. Kane and a...
Dates: 1924-1975; Other: Majority of material found in 1924-1944; Other: Date acquired: 01/11/1949

William Benjamin Smith papers

Identifier: LaRC-549
Scope and Contents The collection consists primarily of letters to William Benjamin Smith (1850-1934) from scholars and others in the United States and abroad. In addition, there is a letter of condolence (1907) by Smith to Mrs. J. F. Lafont on the death of her father, Mr. Widderin as well as a number of Smith obituaries (1934).
Dates: 1886-1934; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1948

William E. Hawkins family papers

Identifier: LaRC-937
Scope and Contents The collection is made up of legal documents and correspondence of the Hawkins family relating to the estate of E.A. (Edward Austin) Burke, the Louisiana politician and publisher who spearheaded the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition in New Orleans in 1884-1885. His wife and son predeceased him, resulting in his estate being inherited by numerous nephews, nieces, and other relatives. William E. Hawkins was among these heirs.
Dates: 1856-1952; Other: Date acquired: 11/02/1997

William Horace Williams papers

Identifier: LaRC-905
Scope and Contents William Horace Williams (1882-1957) was an engineer, contractor, and shipbuilder. He served with the Corps of Engineers in charge of the levee system from New Orleans to the mouth of the Mississippi River. In 1904 he was resident engineer on construction at Southwest Pass Jetties, which led to the founding of the company, Doullut and Williams, civil engineers and other successful firms. The collection includes a biography, newspaper clippings, household inventories, an obituary, scrapbooks, and...
Dates: 1899-1931

William O. Rogers collection

Identifier: LaRC-648
Scope and Contents The collection is made up of scrapbooks compiled by William O. Rogers about education in New Orleans education just before and after the Civil War. The scrapbooks contain clippings, broadsides, and printed correspondence pertaining to pedagogical problems, public schools, the New Orleans Journal of Education, and to Tulane University. Rogers was editor of the New Orleans Journal of Education and a District School Superintendent of public schools in New Orleans from 1856-1862. Rogers was...
Dates: 1859-1900; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1941

William P. Ewell papers

Identifier: LaRC-996
Scope and Contents This collection consists of letters and other papers dating from 1918-1939, written by Sergeant William P. Ewell during his time in the United States Army during World War I. The letters were sent to his family, mostly to his sister (Mrs. Alex Castille) and his mother (Mrs. Udee Ewell) in Opelousas, Louisiana, regarding his experiences in France and Belgium.
Dates: 1918-1939; Other: Date acquired: 06/01/2003

William P. Lancaster and Alger Lancaster papers

Identifier: LaRC-767
Scope and Contents This collection includes handwritten and typed personal and professional correspondence, photographs, posters, programs, clippings, printed material, scores, financial papers, telegrams, envelopes, invitations, greeting cards, contracts and other papers of William P. Lancaster, music teacher, and Alger Lancaster, theatrical producer and theater owner.
Dates: 1892-1965; Other: Date acquired: 08/08/1972