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LAL02-4. Latin American Library - Image Archive - Photograph Albums

 Record Group
Identifier: LAL02-4

Found in 55 Collections and/or Records:

Picturesque Jamaica Post Cards Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-003
Scope and Contents c. 1927.  An album of 12 color postcards of Jamaica.  Images include rural country scenes and views of the city of Kingston.
Dates: c. 1927

Recuerdo de Montevideo Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-002
Scope and Contents c. 1890.  An album of photographs of the city of Montevideo, Uruguay produced by Bate y Ca.  All photographs are identified.
Dates: c. 1890

"Recuerdo de Montevideo" Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-049
Scope and Contents 1875.  An album of 29 leaves bound with a cover embossed with "Recuerdo de Montevideo."  The album has a bookplate signed: Chute & Brooks, Fotos., Montevideo. Galli y Cia, proprietarios editores.  It contains 53 photographs (29 x 39 cm) that are collotypes, most mounted one to a leaf; some are mounted four to a leaf.  The views showcase the city of Montevideo in the late 19th century.
Dates: 1875

"Report on Public Works in the Dominican Republic" Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-030
Scope and Contents 1921.  An album prepared by the U.S. Military Government about the state of public works in the Dominican Republic between 1908 and 1921. The album consists of 165 pages.  It includes 3 maps and 74 photographs of the public works projects completed, with descriptions on facing pages.  Reports on the roads in 1921 and public works expenditures by year appear in the album as well.
Dates: 1921

Rio de Janeiro Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-007
Scope and Contents 19th century.  A photograph album with snakeskin binding titled, "Rio Janeiro."  It contains 16 leaves with original albumen photographs taken by Marc Ferrez featuring several images of seaside, urban scenes, and the surrounding countryside including the botanical gardens.  All photographs are identified by a variety of caption templates and marked with the photographer's name and/or stamp.
Dates: 1860-1900

Rio de Janeiro Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-018
Scope and Contents c. 1930.  Two separate albums of gelatin silver prints produced for tourists by Botafogo. The images provide urban views of Rio de Janeiro, including the theater. All of the photographs are identified.
Dates: c. 1930 - 1940

Rio de Janeiro Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-024
Scope and Contents c. 1930-1940.  An album of 12 leaves with 12 mounted gelatin silver prints produced for tourists.  The images include urban scenes are of Rio de Janeiro, including the theater.  All of the photographs are identified.
Dates: c. 1930-1940

Santo Domingo Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-036
Scope and Contents 1930.  An album of 110 black and white photographs (1 3/4" x  2 3/4") taken in Santo Domingo by an unknown photographer. As a group, the images record aspects of urban life: street scenes, transportation, public buildings and monuments, mass public occasions, troop formations, bridges, docks, "revolucionarios," and portraits of Presidents Vazquez and Trujillo.  Included also are numerous images documenting the physical damage and casualties caused by the hurricane which struck the city on...
Dates: 1930

Santo Tomás Chichicastenango, Guatemala Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-001
Scope and Contents c. 1935.  Album comprised of black and white commercial photographs printed on postcard paper. Images of the town and Maya people of Chichicastenango, Guatemala.  All photographs are identified. 24 pages, miniature.
Dates: c. 1935

Sarg Family Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-051
Scope and Contents 1880s-1900s.  A family album containing 13 original silver gelatin and platinum print photographs (6 1/2" x 5"), plus 19 photographic reproductions. There are two platinum prints of the house occupied by their friends the Maudslay's. The images provide views of the family's home and properties in Coban, Guatemala and parts of Mexico.  A list of manuscript captions are most likely in Mary Elizabeth Parker Sarg’s hand. 32 total images.
Dates: 1880s-1900s

South America Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-020
Scope and Contents 1932-1933.  A private album of 304 black and white photographs recording travels to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Panama, and Cuba.  It consists of both amateur and commercial photographs. The views include scenes of the laboring classes and pre-Columbian ruins.  The photographs are identified with typed captions.
Dates: 1932-1933

Souvenir of Havana Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-013
Scope and Contents c. 1900.  A commercially printed album containing 24 leaves with a single black and white photograph of Havana.  The images include views of architecture, fortifications, people, and the wreckage of the Maine.
Dates: c. 1900

Spanish American War Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-034
Scope and Contents c.1898-1900.  An album of 25 leaves containing 62 black and white photographs probably taken by a U.S. military officer who served during or shortly after the Spanish-American War. The images depict areas in and around San Juan and Ponce, Puerto Rico, Santiago de Cuba, and the Philippines.  They include scenes of rural life in Puerto Rico and the Philippines, Spanish fortifications in Puerto Rico, and views of battlefields and various military facilities. Most of the photographs are identified.
Dates: c. 1898-1900

Steamship Voyage to South America Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-048
Scope and Contents c. 1903.  An album of 24 leaves with 106 photographs of varying sizes (most measure 8.5 x 8 cm) mounted on the leaves and endpapers. Captions written in period manuscript ink in English appear on the album mounts or on the image margins. The album documents a voyage from New York to Lima, taken in June-November of 1903, on several ships of the Panama Railroad Steamship Line (S. S. Palena, Seguranca and Loan) and via the company's famous railroad across the Panama Isthmus. The travelling party...
Dates: c. 1903

Stonewall Jackson Album of Mexican Photographs

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-031
Scope and Contents Early 20th century.  An album consisting of 14 leaves containing 92 black and white photographs collected or taken by Stonewall Jackson, a coffee buyer in Orizaba, Mexico.  The images include scenes of urban and rural life, coffee production, and railroads in the towns of Amecameca, Orizaba, and San Lazaro. Not all photographs are identified.
Dates: early 20th century

Strait of Magellan Travel Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-050
Scope and Contents 1935.  An album compiled by Robert Toms, a British traveller and reporter for the “Express & Echo” newspaper (Exeter).  130 mounted black and white photographs (range in size from 3" x 5"  to 2" x 3").  As Toms noted himself, he went “on a most interesting voyage around South America on the Pacific liner 'Reina del Pacifico,' going from France via Spain, the Canary Islands, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Falkland Islands, rounding South America through the Strait of Magellan and...
Dates: 1935

"Through Mexico with a Busted Camera" Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-005
Scope and Contents c. 1903, 1906.  A single album that consists of 64 pages containing unidentified snapshots of people, city scapes, and country scenes in Mexico.
Dates: c. 1903, 1906

Trinidad and Tobago Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-047
Scope and Contents 1923-1925.  An album containing 195 original photographs of varying sizes (between 2.5 x 1.5 inches to 7.5 x 8.5 inches).  Some of the prints are of silver gelatin and others are sepia.  The album documents a Caribbean voyage, mainly centering around plantations estates in Tobago, but also featuring splendid images of the then newly opened Panama Canal. Images include scenes of rubber estates, a sawmill, coffee and sugar plantations, cacao processing, the Queen's Park Hotel, construction of a...
Dates: 1923-1925

"Trip to Mexico" Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-022
Scope and Contents 1934.  An album of 214 gelatin silver prints and postcards collected during travels in Mexico.  The images include views of unidentified travelers on the train between Veracruz and Mexico City and on to Toluca, Cuernavaca, Taxco, and Oaxaca.
Dates: 1934

Universidad de Concepción Chile Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-011
Scope and Contents c. 1950.  A single album of 24 oversize leaves containing 44 original gelatin silver photographs (7" x 9 1/2").  The images include shots of the campus and buildings of the Universidad de Concepción with views showing earthquake damage.
Dates: c. 1950

"Visit to South America" Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-023
Scope and Contents 1909.  A leather album of a Briton, (initials C.H.M) containing 26 leaves with 95 gelatin silver prints.  The images include scenes taken during an ocean voyage to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, including Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro with views of harbors, railroads, dams, power plants, water works, and shipboard activities. All photographs are identified.
Dates: 1909

"Vistas fotográficas, Recuerdo de Honduras" Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-063
Content Description c. 1900 Contents of perhaps one or more commercial photograph albums produced by Rafael Ugarte Vega, reknown early Honduran photographer. Existing album binding is red covered board with gold embossing titled, "Vistas fotográficas Recuerdo de Honduras por Rafael Ugarte, Tegucigalpa." Loose individual album pages or mounts are decorated with a stamped maroon ArtDeco design and contain a single gelatin POP print. Bridges built and in the process of being constructed are a common theme to...
Dates: c. 1900

"Vistas y Costumbres de la Republica Argentina" Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-044
Scope and Contents c. 1850-1919.  An album entitled, "Vistas y costumbres de la República Argentina," by Arturo W. Boote & Co. containing 52 mounted albumen prints.  The images document the cityscape of Buenos Aires at the turn of the 19th century including Central Station, Plaza Victoria, Calle Victoria and other major streets, the Grand Opera House, the Water Works Building, residences in the city, parks, the metropolitan cemetery, and scenes of daily urban life. Additional photographs show immigrants...
Dates: 1850-1915

Wayne Stoffle Photograph Albums

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-032
Scope and Contents c. 1946.  Seven albums containing 173 gelatin silver photographs (5" x 7") taken by Admiral Wayne Stouffle when active in the United States Navy during his visits to Panama and Guatemala, with a few views of Haiti and Cuba.  The images show scenes or urban and rural life, the life of U.S. naval officers in the Panama Canal Zone, and also of Maya people in Guatemala.
Dates: c. 1946

Zacualpa Rubber Plantation Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-035
Scope and Contents 1907. An album of 16 leaves containing 32 black and white photographs (3 1/4" x 5 1/4").  The album was assembled by members of an inspection party of Americans who also appear in several pf the album's photographs.  The images document the state of affairs at a rubber plantation including views of the manager's residence and store, laborers' quarters, a storehouse under construction, 5-month-old, 17-month-old, 2 1/2-year old rubber trees and older trees, the plantation town square with...
Dates: 1907