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LAL02-4. Latin American Library - Image Archive - Photograph Albums

 Record Group
Identifier: LAL02-4

Found in 55 Collections and/or Records:

Albert D. Bell Photograph Album of South America

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-025
Scope and Contents 1928.  An album of 63 gelatin silver photoprints  taken or acquired during a voyage to South America on the S.S. American Legion. The views include the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Santos, Brazil where coffee is loaded, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires.  Also present are images of gauchos, gold miners, and mountain transportation.  Not all photographs are identified.
Dates: 1928

Album de 250 vistas salvadoreñas

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-019
Scope and Contents 1927-1928.  A single album of miniatures black and white photographs produced as a gift from the Egyptian Tobacco Company.  The views include San Salvador, Santa Ana, and Santa Tecla along with scenes of coffee workers.  The photographs are numbered and identified.
Dates: Issued: 1927-1928

Argentina Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-046
Scope and Contents 1930s Personal photograph album bound with green covered boards with simple embossed frame. The album contains 29 pages with 301 individual gelatin silver prints attached. Each print measures approximately 3 x 4.5 inches. The pages have minimal annotations noting film rolls, print numbers, and some location identification. The images suggest that this album documents possibly both personal and/or professional travel to several locations in northern Argentina highlighting Rosario de la...
Dates: 1930s

Argentine Red Cross Photograph Album of Barrio Toba de Villa Chica

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-039
Scope and Contents 1961-1962.  An album containing 68 gelatin silver prints (4.5” x 7”) taken by an unknown photographer.  It was assembled following an Argentine Red Cross mission to the settlement of Barrio Toba of Villa Chica in the Argentine Chaco region beginning in July of 1961.  The primary purpose of the mission seems to have been the building of a school for the community.   Many of the photos depict the inauguration of the school in January 1962 and other celebrations and official events that followed...
Dates: 1961-1962

Belle Epoque Buenos Aires Photograph Album One

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-042
Scope and Contents c. 1900-1910.  An album bound with a red board cover with embossed flower design and the word “album” in black.  It contains 46 gelatin silver prints (3" x 4 1/2").  The images document the city of Buenos Aires in the early 20th century.  They feature scenes of the waterfront with ships and infrastructure, public architecture and monuments, industrial machinery, the zoo, trains and train stations, parks and public diversions, several portraits of men reading, and one of men in a park with...
Dates: c. 1900-1910

Belle Epoque Buenos Aires Photograph Album Two

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-043
Scope and Contents c. 1900-1910.  An album bound with a green board cover with embossed flower design and the word “album” in black.  It contains 48 gelatin silver prints (3" x 4 1/2").  The images document the city of Buenos Aires in the early 20th century.  They feature scenes of the waterfront with ships and infrastructure, public architecture and monuments, urban Buenos Aires from elevated vantage points, industrial machinery, the zoo, trains and train stations, parks and public diversions, several studio...
Dates: c. 1900-1910

C. Lambert Photograph Album of Mexico

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-033
Scope and Contents c.1908.  An album of 211 gelatin silver prints.  The images were taken from across Mexico including the cities of Pachuca, Puebla, Jalapa, Toluca, Morelia, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas, and Aguas Calientes.  The album provides images of urban and rural life including street scenes, churches, mining operations, markets, bullfights in Guadalajara, roads, trains, architecture, and indigenous people.
Dates: c. 1908

Canal Interocéanique de Panama -- Etats-Unís de Colombie Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-010
Scope and Contents 1885.  A 30 page oversize album containing sixty original albumen photographs of Panama that date to 1885 and document work on the canal by the French company under Ferdinand de Lesseps.  Photographs show architecture and everyday life in Panama.  The album contains a dedication by P.M. del Valle to Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada of Mexico.
Dates: 1885

Cartagena de Indias Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-054
Content Description c.1890-1910. Personal photograph album consisting of twelve leaves and a front cover all made of board and unbound. The cover is decorated with a watercolor painting of a woman in a purple Victorian era dress holding a bouquet of flowers with the title, "Snap Shots," in the upper left corner. The leaves contain 4 to 8 gelatin silver chloride prints adhered to the board, plus two loose photographs, totaling 52 prints. None are identified, but they appear to be images of the colonial district of...
Dates: c. 1890 - 1910

CNTC Alfabetizando Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-027
Scope and Contents c. 1987.  An album of photomechanical photographs on 22 leaves used for teaching reading in rural Honduras as part of the literacy program of the Central Nacional de Trabajadores del Campo.
Dates: c. 1987

Costa Rica Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-012
Scope and Contents c. 1890-1900.  A photograph album of 24 leaves containing 30 gelatin silver prints photographs of Costa Rica by H. N. Rudd and Paynter Brothers photographers. They show views of San José including the National Theater, other Costa Rican towns, the United Fruit Co. building, and banana and coffee production. All photographs are identified with captions.
Dates: c. 1890 - 1900

Cuba, Territorio Libre de America Photograph Album-Portfolio

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-014
Scope and Contents c. 1961.  A single album collection of 32 gelatin silver prints distributed by the Cuban Ministerio de Industrias.  The aim of the album is to extol the accomplishments of the Cuban Revolution with views of Havana and other Cuban cities, schools, industrialization, agricultural production and armed forces. Captions for each photograph are printed in Spanish, English, and French.
Dates: c. 1961

Ejército Argentino Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-045
Scope and Contents 1947.  An album containing 23 gelatin silver photographs.  The album was compiled to conmemorate a training class for the16th Regiment of the Montain Infantry in the Argentine army.
Dates: 1947

Guatemala C.A. Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-052
Scope and Contents c. 1920s.  An album of twelve mounted gelatin silver prints (7" x 9 1/2"), each with the blind stamp of “Photo Sport, Guatemala.”  The photographer is unknown.  The images provide views from across Guatemala and include public buildings in Antigua, an ancient Maya stela from Quiriguá, and Lake Atitlán.
Dates: c. 1920s

Havana, Cuba Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-040
Scope and Contents c. 1890.  An album of 10 leaves containing 12 gelatin silver prints (7" x 9") taken by an unnamed photographer.  As a single work, the album depict some of the perennial Havana sites popular with 19th century photographers. The images include the Prado, El Morro, and the Hotel Inglaterra. Pieced together, the first three images of the album form a panorama of the city from an elevated vantage point across the bay.  Scenes from the waterfront are also present.  Each image is identified by a...
Dates: c. 1890

Jamaica Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-009
Scope and Contents 19th century.  A single album of 28 pages each containing an albumen print.  The images include urban landscapes, villages and country scenes, coastal views, plantation harvests, and portraits of the different people in Jamaica at that time.  Some of the photographs are identified.
Dates: 1800s

Joshua W. Reynolds Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-017
Scope and Contents 1877-1898.  A photograph album of 32 leaves containing 116 albumen and gelatin silver prints taken by Captain Joshua W. Reynolds.  The images document different voyages taken by Captain Reynolds in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Most are of Veracruz, Tampico, Havana, and Mexico City. The album includes an early 1877 photograph of the cathedral of Mexico, which includes the Aztec calendar stone. Most of the photographs are identified in Reynolds' own hand.
Dates: 1877 - 1898

Latin America Fotofolio Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-004
Scope and Contents 1933.  An album of 100 personal gelatin silver snapshots taken by an unknown traveler in the countries of Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala and Mexico. All photographs are identified.
Dates: 1933

Louise Emile Stouse Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-026
Scope and Contents 1919-1920.  An album of 45 leaves containing 512 gelatin silver prints snapshots taken while the photographer was working in Peru.  The images include urban and rural scenes from Lima, Callao, Pachacama, Huancayo, and Piura.  In addition are scenes from Colón, Panamá and the Canal, and Jamaica.
Dates: 1919-1920

Luis A. Ross "Chile al 1900" Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-029
Scope and Contents 1899-1919.  Photomechanical reproductions of 61 photographs of the urban upper class of Chile by Chilean photographer, Luis A. Ross de Ferari.  The album was published in 1990 in celebration of 150 years of photography.  It is in the format of a weekly calendar and includes a biography of Luis A. Ross.
Dates: 1899-1919

Marc Ferrez Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-016
Scope and Contents 1896.  A photograph album of 26 leaves containing 32 original albumen prints photographs by pioneer Brazilian photographer Marc Ferrez of Rio de Janeiro.  They show views of Rio de Janeiro and the surrounding countryside and botanical garden, Petrópolis, African and Indian peoples, and coffee plantation workers. All photos are identified by captions.
Dates: 1896

Marian H. Robinson Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-008
Scope and Contents 1882-1888.  An album of 65 leaves containing original albumen photographs taken by Sanfred Robinson.  The images include views of Maya people, architecture, villages, port, and coffee plantations across highland Guatemala. All of the photographs are identified.
Dates: 1882-1888

Marines in Nicaragua Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-021
Scope and Contents 1930.  An album of 129 gelatin silver prints taken by a U.S. Marine on duty in Ocotal, Nicaragua.  The images include views of marines patrolling, tropical scenes of the flora and fauna, various scenes of people and places, and the Panama Canal Railway.  Some photographs have identifications.
Dates: 1930

Mexican Revolution Field Hospital Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-028
Scope and Contents c. 1914.  An album of 41 gelatin silver prints on 22 leaves taken by R. Z. García Fot. of Monterrey.  The photographs were taken at two railway field hospitals, one was in Acámbaro, Guanajuato.  The images include scenes of amputations, operation rooms, nurses and surgeons, some of whom are named, and other groups of people.
Dates: c. 1914

Mexican Views Postcard Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-006
Scope and Contents c. 1900.  An album containing 210 postcards from throughout Mexico showing colonial architecture, archaeological sites, and views of people at work.  Several of the postcards have notes inscribed by Zelia Nuttall, who may have collected the cards.
Dates: c. 1900

"Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires" Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-037
Scope and Contents c. 1952-1954.  An album of 23 leaves containing 46 gelatin silver prints photographs bound with a leather cover with the Argentine seal on it.  The album is divided into five sections:  Vivienda (Housing and Neighborhoods), Cultura del Cuerpo y del Espiritual (Sporting, Educational, and Cultural Facilities), Sanidad (Clinics and Hospitals), Abastecimiento (Markets), Circulación y Transportes (Traffic and Transportation planning).  The album was intended as a propaganda tool used by the Juan...
Dates: 1952-1954

New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Company Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-041
Scope and Contents c. 1885.  An album of 144 gelatin silver prints (between 5”x7” and 7” x 9”; one-third are 3” x 4”).  Ninety photographs are of Cuba and 54 photographs are of Mexico.The Cuba photographs section begins with a map of the country and two New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Company route maps detailing the company’s New York to Cuba to Mexico connections. Some of the Cuba photographs are numbered and contain captions.  The photographer is not named. Images of Havana dominate the section,...
Dates: c. 1885

Panama and Canal Zone Photograph Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-038
Scope and Contents c. 1925.  An album of 201 gelatin silver prints taken and assembled around 1925.  Included are 6 contemporary color postcards of Panama and 10 sepia postcards of Colombia.  All of the photographs were probably taken by a U.S. visitor who traveled the region by steamship.  The images provide scenes of the Canal Zone, the canal locks, official and ornate buildings, private residences, and working class residents of the Canal Zone.  Also included are views of boats and ships, the Marco Polo Yacht...
Dates: c. 1925

Panama Photographic Album

Identifier: Image Archive-Album-015
Scope and Contents 1904-1907.  A portfolio album of 991 gelatin silver photoprints on 81 oversize leaves.  The images include views of Panama showing the Canal and its construction, Panama City and other towns, government officials, social settings, colonial architecture and the San Blas Indians. Most were taken by C.L. Chester.
Dates: 1904 - 1907