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LAL02-2. Latin American Library - Image Archive - Postcard Series

 Record Group
Identifier: LAL02-2

Found in 31 Collections and/or Records:

Arden Ross King Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(03)
Scope and Contents Late 19th century.  Ethnographic views of Indians of Argentina, notably from the Tierra del Fuego, the Chaco Central, and the province of Jujuy.
Dates: late 19th century

Border Conflict Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(07)
Scope and Contents 1915-1916. Postcards published by Kavanaugh's War Postals depicting scenes from the U.S.-Mexico border conflict, with some action shots of both sides including troops of Pancho Villa.
Dates: 1915-1916

Brazil Visoes Urbanas Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(26)
Scope and Contents 1981. Series of 12 black and white postcards of modern architecture from cities all over Brazil. Postcards are interior and exterior shots by Brazilian photographers Cristianao Mascaro, Luiz Carlos Felizardo, and Vilma Slomp. from several Brazilian cities.
Dates: 1981

Central American Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(30)
Scope and Contents 20th century. Growing collection of postcards (color and grayscale) from countries of Central America displaying themes of 20th century life including urban and rural living, urban and natural landscapes, architecture, indigenous people, and festivals. 184 total pieces.
Dates: Publication: 20th century

Colombia Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(29)
Scope and Contents 1908-1995. 395 vintage postcards of various cities from throughout Colombia: Barranquilla, Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Buenaventura, Cali, Cartagena, Honda, Manizales, Medellin, Pamplona and Popayán are some of the cities that can be found in the collection. The collection includes a variety of picture postcards produced by multiple publishers, including J.V. Mogollón and Tichnor Bros. in the United States; and E. V. Sperling, Leipzig. The postcards collectively feature scenes in black and white and...
Dates: 1908-1995

Cuba Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(25)
Scope and Contents 1930-2000. Color and black and white postcards of early and mid-twentieth century Cuba. Many of the postcards reproduce lithographs of colonial Havana, street scenes, daily life, resorts, hotels, plantations, and the countryside. Portraits are also present, including political figures like Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.
Dates: 1930-2000

Cuba War of Independence Chromo Cards

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(40)

Early L. Symes Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(08)
Scope and Contents c. 1950. 19 color and black and white postcards of archaeological sites in Mexico and views of people and places in Peru and Trinidad.
Dates: c. 1950

Ecuador and Peru Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(17)
Scope and Contents 1900-1915. 34 black and white vintage postcards of people and places in providing images of late 19th-early 20th century life in Peru and Ecuador.
Dates: 1900-1915

Ethel W. Perkins Central American Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(20)
Scope and Contents 1905-1913. 56 vintage postcards, mostly in color, originally assembled in an album, with views of Panama and the Canal Zone, Costa Rica, including San José and Limón, and Belize/British Honduras.
Dates: 1905-1913

Ethel W. Perkins Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(19)
Scope and Contents 1908-1925. 179 vintage postcards, mostly black and white, that were originally assembled in four album according to the following subjects: 1) Puerto Barrios, Escuintla, coffee production and rural scenes; 2) Guatemala City; 3) Antigua; and 4) Mayas. Many of the images were taken by Valdeavellano. Several have the signature of Lilly de Jongh Osborne.
Dates: 1908-1925

Guatemala Miscellaneous Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(06)
Scope and Contents 15 postcards of Guatemala, generally grouped according to date or place. Includes views of Guatemala City, Antigua, etc.
Dates: 1920s

J.L. Baños Postcard Collection

Identifier: Photograph Collection-39-(18)

Latin American Postcard Collection

Identifier: Photograph Collection-39-(13)
Scope and Contents Set of picture postcards in black and white and color, principally of Havana, Cuba, but also of the Canary Islands, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Taxco, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.
Dates: c. 1925

Mal de Ojo Chile Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(24)
Scope and Contents 1992. Black and white photomechanical reproductions of photographs of urban scenes in Chile by several photographers, published by the Centro de Difusión y Estudios de la Fotografía.
Dates: 1992

Martha Robertson Postcard Collection

Identifier: Photograph Collection-39-(09)

Mexico Miscellaneous Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(05)
Scope and Contents 1900-1950s. Black and white and colored postcards of Mexico acquired from a variety of sources and generally grouped according to date or place. Includes views of Mexico City, Teotihuacán, Taxco, and other notable locations.
Dates: 1900 -.1950s

Miscellaneous Mexican Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(27)
Scope and Contents 1950-2000. Color and black and white postcards of principal cities, archaeological sites, tourist venues, and landscapes from almost every state of the Republic of Mexico. Yucatán and Mexico City are the more highly represented locales. Postcards are arranged by state.
Dates: Publication: 1950-2000

Miscellaneous Peru Postcard Collection

Identifier: Photograph Collection 39-(21)

Missionary Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(33)
Content Description c.1920-1959. 50 postcards in black and white and in color depicting the presence of several Catholic missionary societies and their various activities with indigenous peoples in the countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina of South America. The vast majority are photomechanical prints of photographs and a few reproduce artistic renderings of indigenous people. Many of the scenes document the costumes, customs, and material culture of numerous...
Dates: Publication: c.1920-1959

Morro do Castelo: Seus Aspectos Numa Rara Coleção de Cartões-Postais

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(28)
Scope and Contents This collection consists of reprints (made in 1999) of 21 postcards of the "Morro do Castelo" section of Rio de Janeiro which was demolished to build the 1922 Exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Brazilian independence. These photographs were taken by Mala and Marc Ferrez. Each photograph includes a detailed commentary concerning the history of the site or building shown. The collection includes a 1 page preface, a 2 page historical introduction, a 1 page bibliography, a single...
Dates: c. 1922

Nicaragua Revolution Postcard Collection

Identifier: Photograph Collection-39-(15)
Scope and Contents Postcards produced by various agencies of the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, including views of revolutionary slogans on billboards, and one Solentiname painting.
Dates: 1984

Panama Postcard Collection

Identifier: Photograph Collection 39-(31)
Scope and Contents 1900-1950.  532 vintage postcards of various urban and rural places from throughout Panamá and the Canal Zone.  The collection incudes a variety of picture postcards produced by multiple publishers, including I.L. Maduro, Jr., Leighton & Valentine Co., Kraemer Art Co., C.L. Chester, Foto Flatau, Vibert & Dixon, and Albert Lindo Publishers. The postcards collectively feature scenes in black and white, hand-colored, and in color photography.  They illustrate early 20th century daily life,...
Dates: 1900-1950

Ralph Lee Woodward Guatemala Earthquake Postcard Collection

Identifier: Photograph Collection-39-(10)
Scope and Contents Postcards showing the destruction in Guatemala City after the earthquakes of December 25 and 29, 1917; and January 24, 1918. Also includes photoprints of postcards of Guatemala as early as 1875.
Dates: 1875-1930

Ronald Hilton Collection of Postcards of Latin America

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(01)
Scope and Contents Approximately 4,000 picture postcards from throughout Latin America sent to Hilton and radio station KGEI of San Francisco, California, sponsor of a short-wave program, "La Universidad del Aire." Includes small photographs and personal cards sent to Hilton.
Dates: 1952-1956

Sevilla Postcards of Honduras, Collection

Identifier: Photograph Collection-39-(12)
Scope and Contents Black and white and color postcards of Tegucigalpa and other towns in Honduras. Several have been mailed including some to author Lucila Gamero de Medina.
Dates: 1907-1932

Sidney David Markman Collection of Latin American Postcards

Identifier: Photograph Collection-39-(11)
Scope and Contents Black and white and color postcards principally from Mexico, including views of the frescos of Diego Rivera, J. Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. Also includes views of Oaxaca, Monte Albán, Puebla, and Mazatlán, Mexico, and of Spain, Colombia, Guatemala, and Honduras.
Dates: 1940s - 1950s

Spanish Costumes and Views Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(22)
Scope and Contents c.1940s Colored, embroidered postcards of Spanish costumes representing different regions of Spain. Miscellaneous views.
Dates: c. 1940

Thomas Niehaus Postcard Collection

Identifier: Photograph Collection-39-(16)
Scope and Contents Color postcards of Venezuela with views of Caracas, Yanoama (Guaica) Indians, Angel Falls, and folk dancers called "Los diablos danzantes.
Dates: 1983

Tobago, British West Indies Postcard Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 39-(23)
Scope and Contents 1949. Black and white photomechanical views of landscapes and people accompanied by a map.
Dates: 1949