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LAL01. Latin American Library - Manuscript Collections

 Record Group
Identifier: LAL01
Holdings of collections of personal or family papers, research papers, course papers, corporate records, and includes some rare print and special topic collections.

Found in 223 Collections and/or Records:

Nahuatl copybook

 File — Box 1, Folder: 10
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 49-(10)
Scope and Contents 18th century? Leather-bound manuscript book with colored illustrations of daily life, a map, and 10 pages of Nahuatl text, thought to be the copybook of an Aztec noble youth living in a Franciscan monastery. 26 leaves; 4°.
Dates: 18th century

Nahuatl manuscript

 File — Box 2, Folder: 21
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 49-(21)
Scope and Contents 16th century? Manuscript of unknown origin combining both Nahuatl and Spanish. It contains a long list of names. There is a partial transcription made prior to 1962 by an unknown person. 5 leaves 4°.
Dates: 16th century?

Nicaragua Political Papers

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 109
Scope and Contents 1981-1990.  Papers concerning the development of the Nicaraguan Revolution and its leader Daniel Ortega Saavedra, U.S. diplomacy toward Nicaragua, the 1984 electoral process, and the 1990 election of President Violeta Barrios de Chamorro.
Dates: 1981-1990

Nicolas León Collection

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 55
Scope and Contents c. 1550 - c. 1940.  Mexican materials, mostly 19th century, collected or written by this ethnohistorian, with manuscripts, including one by writer Guillermo Prieto, official documents, personal papers, studies, photographs, and maps.
Dates: 1550-1940

Notes about the mining concession to Bell and Rector

 File — Box 4, Folder: 50
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(50)
Content Description c. 1880-1910 Hand-written notes taken from the Gaceta Oficial del Gobierno de Honduras regarding the Bell y Rector Concesion by Cesar Bonilla, possibly used in part to draft a legal document, 10 pages.
Dates: c. 1889-1900

Notificación al Señor Carlos Potter en Matagalpa

 File — Box 2, Folder: 27
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(27)
Scope and Contents 1930 Single page, type-written order issued by General Sandino in Las Segovias, Nicaragua, to Carlos Potter in Matagalpa demanding a forced loan of 5,000 córdobas to support the war against the North Americans.
Dates: July 20, 1930

Olancho Mineral Companía Papers

 File — Box 3, Folder: 31
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(31)
Scope and Contents 1900-1909 Letters, telegrams, memos, and an official copy of a 1900 gold mining commission granted to Edward A. Burke along the Guayape River, Honduras. Later papers indicate these rights were sold to the Olancho Mineral Compania. Undated documents include a rough map,a list of mines, and a request of Americans Federico Bill [Frederick Bell] and Jorge S. Coleman [George S. Coleman] for a mining concession.
Dates: 1900-1909

Oliver H. P. La Farge Papers

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 017
Scope and Contents 1925-1930.  Personal correspondence from family members and other acquaintances (1926-27); professional correspondence (1926-28), when La Farge was Assistant in Ethnology in the Tulane Middle American Research Institute. Includes ethnographic data and expedition notes for the first and third Tulane expeditions to Middle America, 1925 and 1927. 258 pieces.
Dates: 1925-1930

Oscar Romero Letter

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 013
Scope and Contents February 17, 1980. A single piece of correspondence in which the archbishop of El Salvador appeals to President Jimmy Carter as a Christian and defender of human rights. He asks that the United States government not send military and economic aid to the ruling junta of El Salvador. 1 piece.
Dates: 1980

Painter Norman Wellington, thesis research material

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 52
Scope and Contents 1948-1949.  Material gathered by Painter in interviews with 68 Latin Americans and used in his 1949 Tulane M.A. thesis, "The Assimilation of Latin Americans in New Orleans". It contains the identity and brief biographical sketch of each respondent, and answers to questions on first impressions, adjustments, work, marriage and children, religion, organizations, friends and recreation, food, prejudice, and nostalgia. 503 pieces.
Dates: 1948-1949


Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 103-(1)

Patricia Schmit Collection

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 47
Scope and Contents 1820-1833.  A collection of photocopies of manuscripts found in the Archivo General de Centroamerica in Guatemala City.  The copied documents concern political activity in Guatemala at the time of Independence from Spain and the years immediately following.  The collection is comprised of records of city government, records of parish elections, correspondence, and materials related to Mexico.
Dates: 1820-1833

Patrick H. Hanley Collection

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 120
Scope and Contents c. 1943.  A collection of papers, photographs, ephemera, and objects from Brazil, including an album of 346 Brazilian postage stamps from 1844-1944, a photograph of Bahia, photomechanical prints and a map of São Paulo, a brochure for a girls' school, a music program from Bahia, and an elaborately dressed black doll collected during World War II by Dr. Patrick H. Hanley, a New Orleanian who was stationed in Bahia.
Dates: 1943

Paul L. Andry Jr. Collection of the Papers of the Moa Bay Mining Company

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 94
Scope and Contents 1957-1958.  A collection of blueprints, letters and notes dealing with design and construction, specifications, and an illustrated newsletters describing the entire operation and totalling 48 pieces.  It all relates to the facilities being built by the Moa Bay Mining Company (a subsidiary of the Cuban American Nickel Company) at Moa Bay, Cuba. The facility was projected to be operational in the summer of 1959 for the mining and concentration of nickel and cobalt.  No indication is given of the...
Dates: 1957-1958

Philip Covington Thompson Collection of Reports on Latin America

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 79
Scope and Contents February 1969-October 1970.  Reports and studies dealing with Latin America, especially Costa Rica and the U.S. AID program there. Includes a report by Nelson A. Rockefeller who headed a presidential mission throughout Latin America, and a loan agreement between the United States and Costa Rica. 8 pieces.
Dates: February 1969-October 1970

Pitch tone and the "saltillo"

 File — Box 2, Folder: 18
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 49-(18)
Scope and Contents 1930. Detailed discussion of Nahuatl phonology, pitch tones, and the "saltillo," or type of glottal closure. Field work was conducted principally in Milpa Alta, Distrito Federal and in Tepoztlán, Mexico. Typed and A.D. 54 leaves.
Dates: 1930

Pláticas en lengua Pokonchí

 File — Box 1, Folder: 5
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 49-(5)

Popoluca vocabulary

 File — Box 1, Folder: 3
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 49-(3)
Scope and Contents 1905. Lists of words in Popoloco or Popoluca with Spanish equivalents and notes on pronunciation and spelling. They were compiled in Oluta, Texistepec, Nativitas, and Sayula.
Dates: 1905

Porter Cornelius Bliss Collection of Mexican Documents

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 011
Scope and Contents 1774, 1805-1869. An assortment of manuscript and printed documents that include biographies, political opinion, legal papers, private correspondence, and public records collected by Porter Cornelius Bliss. Most noteworthy is an 1805 plan for a bridge over the Río de la Antigua, near Veracruz, Mexico and related correspondence.
Dates: 1774, 1805-1869; Other: Date acquired: 01/04/1980

Porter Cornelius Bliss Papers

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 008
Scope and Contents 1870-1885.  The collection consist of official papers, personal correspondence and papers, notes and drafts of writings and other miscellany related to the works and interests of Porter Cornelius Bliss.  The documents fall into three categories:  papers and correspondence from 1870-1874, from 1875-1885, and personal writings and miscellany. The documents collected here relate to the latter part of Porter Cornelius Bliss' life when he was secretary to the U.S. Legation in Mexico between 1870...
Dates: 1870-1885

President Gerardo Barrios Letters

 File — Box 2, Folder: 15
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(15)
Scope and Contents 1859-1860. A collection of 63 pieces primarily of personal correspondence written by Gerardo Barrios to friend Carlos Antonio Meany, concerning various topics such as personal and family concerns, internal affairs in El Salvador, and international relations with the different countries of Central America.The collection consists almost entirely of personal letters written and signed by Barrios himself addressed to his good friend and confidant, Carlos Antonio Meany of Guatemala, to...
Dates: 1859-1860

President Miguel Paz Baraona Letter

 File — Box 2, Folder: 19
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(19)
Scope and Contents 1928 Correspondence from the President of Honduras to Señora Simeona Medina relating to a financial problem she has written earlier to him about. Value of the letter lies in the signature. The back of the document has been used for someone's personal accounts.
Dates: August 29, 1928

Rafael de Landívar Collection

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 29
Scope and Contents 1747-1822. Photocopies of manuscripts in the Archivo General de Centro America (Guatemala City) pertaining to the Guatemalan poet and Jesuit Rafael de Landívar, his family and estate. An index provides a list of all Landivar material in the Archivo (identified by repository number and title); documents in this collection are noted. 38 dossiers.
Dates: 1747-1822

Rafael Medina Avilés music scores

 File — Box 1, Folder: 7
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 167-(7)
Scope and Contents Autograph music scores composed in Danlí, Honduras. Titles include: "Ave Maris Stella (1899), and "Hoy se mira" (1918), both for clarinets and bass; and "Magestad" (1923) with only the parts composed by co-composer Juan B. Gutiérrez.
Dates: 1899, 1923

Religious Persecution in Mexico Papers, 1935

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 70
Scope and Contents May-July 1935.  A collection of petitions to investigate rights of Americans in Mexico, sponsored by Massachusetts Congressman John P. Higgins and signed by other congressmen.  The materials also include congressional letters of support, text of remarks in the Congressional Record, letters by Americans on Mexico, and notarized affidavits on the suppression of religion in Mexico, taken in Texas. 244 pieces.
Dates: May-July 1935

Report on Tikal

 File — Box 2, Folder: 18
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(18)
Scope and Contents c.1930 English and Spanish translations of the first written report (in German) on the ruins of the Maya sites of Tikal and Ixkun. Also a typewritten extract from the
Dates: c.1930

Richard E. Greenleaf 18th-Century Ecclesiastical Mexican Collection

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 128
Scope and Contents 1551-1950s.  A collection of more than 480 transcriptions of documents on the Inquisition in Mexico. The originals are located in the Archivo General de la Nación in Mexico and in the Archivo General de las Indias in Seville, Spain. They represent more than forty years of Greenleaf’s work in these archives. Also included are writings by other individuals, Professor Greenleaf’s own articles and other texts, files of Dr....
Dates: 1551-1950s

Robert Chadwick Papers

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 101
Scope and Contents 1964-1979.  Unpublished articles by archaeologist Chadwick on pre-Columbian culture, including the catalog of a collection of Costa Rican artifacts, a report on excavations at Teotihuacan with illustrations and photographs, and a notebook of articles assembled under the title, "El fin del Mundo Clásico en el México Central." 33 pieces.
Dates: 1964-1979

Robert Howard Claxton Collection of Salvador Allende Related Materials

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 97
Scope and Contents 1971-1974.  A collection of periodicals, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and LP records relating to the period in which Salvador Allende was in power in Chile between 1970 and 1973.  Most of the material was written from a strong socialist point of view and are supportive of Allende.
Dates: 1971-1974

Robert Howard Claxton Collection on Central America

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 112
Scope and Contents 1965-1992.  This collection consists primarily of Guatemalan newspapers and clippings from U.S. newspapers relating to events in Guatemala in the 1960's to the 1980's. Yet it includes similar material from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Belize as well. This collection comes from the files of history professor Robert Claxton of West Georgia College in Carrollton, GA, who received much of the material from José Manuel Montúfar from Guatemala. The correspondence between the two, which is...
Dates: 1965-1992