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LAL01. Latin American Library - Manuscript Collections

 Record Group
Identifier: LAL01
Holdings of collections of personal or family papers, research papers, course papers, corporate records, and includes some rare print and special topic collections.

Found in 225 Collections and/or Records:

Catholic catechism

 File — Box 1, Folder: 2
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 49-(2)
Scope and Contents 1828. Questions and answers on the Holy Faith in Tzotzil with notes in Spanish accounting for number of cattle. 5 leaves 8°.
Dates: July 20, 1828

Certification of Message from Francisco Saldívar, Diputado

 File — Box 1, Folder: 12
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(12)
Scope and Contents 1846 Certification of communication sent by Deputy Francisco Saldívar in San Salvador, El Salvador to the Secretario de Relaciones informing him of the prosecution of the perpetrators of rioting against deputies opposed to the election of the President. 2 leaves.
Dates: January 29, 1846

Chapman Grant Puerto Rico Collection

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 56
Scope and Contents 1833-(1850-1870)-1900.  A collection of correspondence of officials of the Real Audiencia of Puerto Rico, pay vouchers of the Real Audiencia, portions of notarial volumes, miscellaneous documents, statistical and census reports, and criminal court records. ca. 600 pieces.
Dates: 1833-(1850-1870)-1900

Charles G. Davis "A Trip to Panama in 1913" Diary

 File — Box 4, Folder: 49
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(49)
Scope and Contents November 22-December 16, 1913   A 100 page manuscript notebook with dozens of full page and smaller hand-drawn color illustrations. A Trip to Panama in 1913 is the travel journal made by Charles G. Davis, a builder of model wooden naval vessels and author of several books about sailing and ship history, on the S.S. Carrillo from New York to Panama via Cuba and Jamaica in 1913. Davis describes native peoples, traveling companions, and ship personnel. There are...
Dates: 1913

Chiapas Collection

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 033
Scope and Contents 1723-1927. 420 documents from Chiapas, Mexico, and Guatemala, largely collected by Flavio A. Paniagua: 18th and 19th century manuscripts, printed ephemera, and 44 bound volumes of 19th and 20th century laws and decrees, statistics, and newspapers. It includes documentation on the founding of Salto de Agua, the conversion of the Lacandón Indians, a Chamula Indian uprising, folk medicine, and church and political affairs. The Chiapas Collection consists of over 400 documents relating...
Dates: 1723-1927

Christopher Day Collection

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 135
Scope and Contents 1910-(1959-1975)-1978. The Christopher Day Collection contains correspondence, field notes, papers and other research materials, written or collected by Day, who was an anthropologist specializing in the study of Jacaltec, a Mayan Language spoken in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. The majority of the collection consists of linguistic and lexicographic materials used by Day to study the Jacaltec language and prepare a Jacaltec-Spanish dictionary.The material in the Christopher...
Dates: 1910-(1959-1975)-1978; Other: Majority of material found in c. 1959-1975

CISPES Political Ephemera

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 74(57)
Scope and Contents 1981-1985.  A collection of newsletters, bulletins and press releases belonging to the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador in New Orleans, Louisiana before closing its office. Most of it was distributed by left-wing or revolutionary organizations in Central America.  53 pieces
Dates: 1981-1985

Coahuila Official Broadsides

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 025
Scope and Contents 1880-1927.  Photocopies of unbound broadsides of decrees on local affairs and of the national government, published by the State of Coahuila; circulars and announcements of the General Secretariat of the State, the General State Treasury, and the Supreme State Tribunal of Justice relating to budgets, elections, holidays, pubic works, government contracts, fairs, loans, educaiton, pardons, and legislative proceedings. The originals reside in the Mendell Collection, Lilly Library, Indiana...
Dates: 1880-1927

Coker Travel Account

 File — Box 1, Folder: 6
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(06)
Scope and Contents 1944. Typed copy of impressions of Guatemala during Holy Week b William A. Coker, who visited Guatemala City, Antigua, Chichicastenango, and Lake Atitlán. He continues to write about his experiences in Venezuela, where he traveled on the Orinoco River and met various indigenous people of whom he photographed. Included are 11 photographs. 21 leaves total.
Dates: 1944

Collection of Alberto Vázquez Correspondence

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 012
Scope and Contents 1931-1970. Letters to Alberto Vázquez from Latin American and Spanish writers Rafael Altamira, Juan José Arreola, Rómulo Betancourt (to Alfonso Martínez), Adolfo Bioy-Casares, Juan Bosch, Carlos Montenegro, Lino Novas Calvo, Julio Ramón Ribeyro, Humberto Rivas Mijares, Juan Rulfo, Salvador Salazar Arrue, Carlos Samayoa Chinchilla, Rogelio Sinán, Arturo Uslar Pietri, and C.E. Zavaleta. 17 pieces.
Dates: 1931-1970

Collection of Peruvian "Don Sofo" Newspapers

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 106
Scope and Contents November 29, 1986-March 13, 1987.  Collection of this satirical Peruvian newspaper dealing with national news and criticizing the regime of President Alán García. 38 pieces.
Dates: 1986-1987

Compañía de Navegación del Río Motagua. Erección de la Compania de Navegación del Río Motagua, 1796

 File — Box 4, Folder: 48
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(48)
Scope and Contents 1796   A single hand-written manuscript of 17 leaves (34 pages) and 4 appendices. It recounts the proceedings which created a joint stock company to develop and promote navigation on the Motagua River from the Honduran port of Omoa. The manuscript includes a report by the Secretary of Guatemala's Consulado concerning the venture, the list of the company's stockholders and officials, the company's thirty-five articles of incorporation and a series of reflections about the project by those...
Dates: 1796

Copy of Arte de lengua de maya

 File — Box 1, Folder: 26
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 49 -(26)
Scope and Contents 1928 [1620]. Typewritten copy acquired by Frans Blom, made by Juan Martínez Hernández from photographic copy of original now in LAL RARE. (See RARE PM 3963 .C6.) Also explanatory letter 7 Nov. 1928 by Martinez and xerox copy. 110 pp. (missing pp. 17, 18, 79-82, 95, 96).
Dates: 1620

Cuba Political Propaganda

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 89
Scope and Contents 1962-1982.  Collection of 84 pamphlets, clippings, posters, and periodicals from communist Cuba, showing foreign policy and role of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Includes issues of Obra Revolucionaria, Trabajo, Bohemia, and Cuba. Also includes a few anti-Castro pamphlets.
Dates: 1962-1982

Cuba will be libre again

 File — Box 1, Folder: 2
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 167-(2)
Scope and Contents Copy of a single page of sheet music for a song about a free Cuba. 1 page
Dates: 1963

Daniel G. Brinton Letters

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 40
Scope and Contents Jan. 25, 1892-Aug. 10, 1895.  Three autographed letters from Daniel G. Brinton, American anthropologist, to Thomas Wilson in England. The first was written from Philadelphia in regard to Wilson's effort to collect all of Brinton's publications. The others were written from London while Brinton was attending a Geographical Congress.
Dates: 1892-1895

Danlí, Honduras Collection

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 114
Scope and Contents 1816-1938.  A collection of 47 documents relating to the city government or church-directed functions in Danli, Honduras. The documents in this collection are concerned with details of the functions of the city government of Danlí as seen first in the "Libro de Actas" from 1820-1839. Continuing documents trace various legal workings of the city relating to the Juzgado de Paz, with bound records of civil and criminal cases and condemnations of unattended livestock. Other documents...
Dates: 1816-1938

Decree on Elections

 File — Box 2, Folder: 22
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(22)
Scope and Contents July 21, 1826; April 1832. Manuscript copy of the 1826 decree of the President of the Republic of Central America issued in Guatemala City governing the procedure and the verification of elections from local to the national level, in 58 articles and 4 chapters. The document was copied in Danlí, Honduras in 1832. D.C. 5 leaves, quarto.
Dates: 1826-1832

Decrees for Central America from Mexico (Empire, 1820-1823)

 File — Box 3, Folder: 38
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(38)
Scope and Contents 1822 Decrees issued by the Mexican Empire for dissemination to the provinces of Guatemala under Vicente Filísola and/or of Honduras under Dionisio de Herrera. The decrees bear on military regulations, designation of San Juan de Dios in Guatemala as the only provisional cemetery, and apprehension of conspirators. D.S. 4 leaves.
Dates: August-September 1822

Decrees of the Congreso Nacional de Honduras

 File — Box 3, Folder: 40
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(40)
Scope and Contents 1921-1945 Bound, typewritten and printed decrees once part of a larger work: 1921 Decreto No. 45 on Sunday closing of stores, with 1938 and 1939 letters to police of Danlí regarding this law; 1935 Decreto no. 110 on licensing peddlers and registering guns; 1945 Decreto no. 65 on irrigation rights of small land holders. Also laws regarding sealed paper and tax for education. 8 leaves
Dates: Majority of material found in 1921-1945

Description of La Guadeloupe

 File — Box 2, Folder: 17
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(17)
Scope and Contents c. 1899. Bound manuscript of an outline or description in French of 32 individual manuscript volumes on the history and physical aspects of Guadeloupe by Jules Ballet. Three of the volumes were published between 1890 and 1899.
Dates: c.1899

Diccionario Tarahumara-Castellano

 File — Box 1, Folder: 9
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 49-(9)
Scope and Contents c. 1915-1920. Carbon copy of a typescript manuscript which may have been used by José Ferraro as the basis for his Pequeña gramática y diccionario de la lengua tarahumara (Mexico: J. Aguilar Vera, 1920) and Diccionario tarahumara-castellano (Mexico: Escuela tipográfica salesiana, 1924). 29 leaves.
Dates: c. 1915-1920

Diego E. Zavala Collection of Amnesty International Publications

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 118
Scope and Contents 1988-1994. Printed ephemera published by Amnesty International consisting mostly of newsletters, reports and Urgent Action appeals on civil rights violations worldwide with many in Latin America, especially Peru and Guatemala. Includes a Special Children's Edition from 1990-1994, letters by Zavala on behalf of victims, and posters of Peru. 420 pieces.
Dates: 1988-1994

Documents relating to the petition of Lewis Celeste Lecesne and John Escoffery

 File — Multiple Containers
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(54)
Scope and Contents 1824-1829 Collection of dispatches, correspondence, reports, affadavits, plan, and miscellaneous documents relating to the legal case of Lewis Celeste Lecesne and John Escoffery, residents of Kingston, Jamaica, who had their joint business and properties siezed and were subsequently exiled from the island by the Governor of Jamaica in 1823. The collection is arranged into two Series: Series I, contains 93 dispatches along with an index relating to the case that date between 1824 and 1826 that...
Dates: [1824-1829], 1999

Dominican Republic Reports

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 110
Scope and Contents April-December 1965. Clippings and complete newspapers, including two from the Dominican Republic, tracing political events and U.S. policy including the landing of U.S. marines. Also includes U.S. political opinion and government background information on the Dominican Republic. 113 pieces.
Dates: 1965

Donald Robertson Collection of NEH Seminar Papers

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 84
Scope and Contents 1976-1977. Papers on pre-Columbian art, and art and architecture of colonial Latin America, written for a seminar conducted by Professor Robertson and sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities at Tulane University.
Dates: 1976-1977

Dr. Angus Macdonald Papers

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 119
Scope and Contents October 1915. Bound typewritten report submitted by the medical officer in charge of the campaign against hookworm in Grenada under the International Health Commission. Includes a detailed description of the island, its people, maps, charts, various medical reports, and 148 black and white photographs. 1 piece; 384 pages.
Dates: 1915

Dr. Robert E. Low Medical Mission Papers

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 130
Scope and Contents 1990-1995. This collection contains materials related to Dr. Low's work on medical missions in Guatemala. Among the Low Medical Mission Papers are 1,400 color photographs, 2,700 patient treatment records, and Dr. Low's correspondence and journals.The Low Medical Mission Papers include correspondence, itineraries, lists of mission participants, more than 2,700 medical examination records, summaries of treatment, lists of donors and public speaking notes. The collection also has a...
Dates: 1990-1995

Duarte, José Napoleon, 1926-1990, Intipuca

 Collection — Box 3, Folder: 35
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(35)

E. S. Haskell Agronomy of Tabasco Collection

Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 117
Scope and Contents 1925. Loose leaves compiled or collected by Haskell on the Tulane Botanical Expedition of 1925, recording the haciendas of Tabasco, their municipalities, size by hectares, and owners' names in alphabetical order. 1 piece.
Dates: 1925