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LAL02-1. Latin American Library - Image Archive - Small Photograph Collections

 Record Group
Identifier: LAL02-1

Found in 40 Collections and/or Records:

Adolfo Biener Guatemala Photograph Collection

 Collection — Box 5, Folder: 39
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(39)
Scope and Contents c. 1935.  A group of four hand-colored photographs (5 1/2" x 3 1/2") on beige mounts (9" x 6 1/2"). Each is titled and signed by the photographer on the mount. Mayas from the towns of Atitlán and Sololá are the subjects of Biener's images.
Dates: c. 1935

Adolfo Díaz Photograph Collection

Identifier: Photograph Collection-38-(47)
Scope and Contents 1937-c.1950 12 gelatin silver prints related to the ex-President of Nicaragua, Adolfo Díaz Recinos, during his time in exile in the United States. Most of the images show don Adolfo in the company of relatives or close personal friends, often while he was residing in New York City. One photograph is of James Gilmore Fletcher who was part owner of the La Luz and Los Angeles Mining Company for which Adolfo Díaz had worked for and had close ties to throughout his life. A couple of photographs...
Dates: 1937- c.1950

Al Rose Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(9)
Scope and Contents c. 1938. 3 black and white photographs.  One shows an informal pose of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo taken in Coyoacán Mexico, by Emmy Lou Packard; the second is an image of Isaac Berliner and Rose; and third is a snapshot of Berliner and his granddaughter.
Dates: c. 1938

Alfred J. Snyder Collection of Guatemala Photographs

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(6)
Scope and Contents 1903 or 1904.  25 black and white photographs (7 1/2" x 6") taken by W.J. Stevens of the archaeological site of Quiriguá, Guatemala; also of the city of Antigua and railroad construction, collected by Snyder, the first New Orleans general manager of the United Fruit Company.
Dates: 1903 - 1904

Chichén Itzá Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(20)
Scope and Contents 1950-2000. 3 color photographs (11" x 14") of structures at the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá in northern Yucatán, Mexico.  The structures include the main pyramid called "El Castillo", the Templo de los Guerreros, and the third image is a shot of the Chacmol statue at the entrance of the Templo de los Guerreros.
Dates: 1950-2000

Chinautla Photograph Collection

 File — Box 5, Folder: 38
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(38)

Collection of Bolivia Photograph Photocopies

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(17)
Scope and Contents Early 20th century.  Photocopies of photographs of varying sizes which apparently were in an album comprised of 23 leaves.  Some of the images include scenes of Lake Titicaca, Aymara Indians, and La Paz. Not all photographs are identified.
Dates: early 20th century

Collection of Vincente Lombardo Toledano Photographs

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(10)
Scope and Contents c. 1966. 2 black and white photographs (7" x 5")  of Lombardo Toledano by Guillermo Zamora and of Robert Paul Millon by Estudio Radosh, which were published in Millon's book Vicente Lombardo Toledano: Mexican Marxist.
Dates: c. 1966

Comisión de Derechos Humanos de El Salvador "Testimonios" Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(16)
Scope and Contents 1981.  15 black and white photographs (8" x 10") of an alleged abduction of two Salvadoran youths by the National Guards and paramilitary bands in violation of their human rights. Included is a 32-page pamphlet in English and Spanish which explains the recent history of El Salvador with a strong anti-United States bias, and explains what is happening in each of the 15 photographs.  No explanation is given as to how or who took the photographs.
Dates: 1981

Copán site, Honduras Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(13)
Scope and Contents pre-1972.  9 reproduced color photographs (11 1/2" x 11 1/2") of the archaeological site of Copán.
Dates: pre-1972

Dominican Republic Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(14)
Scope and Contents c. 1946. 6 black and white prints showing views of Ciudad Trujillo (Santo Domingo) that document the modernization of the city under President Trujillo, with explanations on the back. Included is an image of the tomb of Christopher Columbus.
Dates: c. 1946

Eastern Air Lines "Views of Mexico" Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(21)
Scope and Contents c. 1950. 5 black and white promotion photographs (8" x 10") of the Hall of Science at the University of Mexico, downtown Mexico City, Acapulco, granaries, and a singing group. One photograph is attributed to Pan American World Airways.
Dates: c. 1950

Edgar Ricardo Buettner "Esperanza Fotografías de Nicaragua" Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(11)
Scope and Contents 1984. 33 black and white photographs (8 1/4" x 12 1/4") commercially produced as a portfolio of photographs of people, including Miskito Indians, engaged in daily life activities throughout Nicaragua. Captions in German are included.
Dates: 1984

El Salvador Guerrilla Weapons Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(23)
Scope and Contents 1984.  Set of 22 black and white photographs (8" x 10") of Salvadoran Guerrilla weapons given by Emilio González, Assistant Army Attache in the United States Embassy in El Salvador. Close-up images identify the types of weapons, serial numbers, and places of manufacture which include Russia, Viet Nam, North Korea, and Nicaragua.
Dates: 1984

Emily H. Vokes "Cascade of Regla" Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(22)
Scope and Contents 1970.  2 photographs and 1 postcard providing views of an exposure of columnar basalt, 20 miles north of Pachuca, Mexico. It is a natural wonder known to have once visited been visited by Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859).
Dates: 1970

Eminent Hondurans Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(1)
Scope and Contents 1901-1956.  9 black and white photographs of prominent Hondurans or groups: author Lucila Gamero de Medina, Manuel Zúñiga Idiáquez, Rubén Barahona, Julián López Pineda, Carlos M. Gálvez; 1901 Honduran-Nicaraguan commission signs boundary accord; politician Celeo Arias; 1921 Diputados Federales; 1956 group pictures with Julio Lozano Díaz, Juan Manuel Gálvez, Vicente Mejía C.; also Salvadoran writer Alberto Masferrer.
Dates: 1901-1956

Erich A.O'D. Taylor Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(26)
Scope and Contents 1850-1915.  A collection of 17 gelatin silver prints (mostly 7.5" x 10") which mostly lack attribution and are undated.  Many of the photographs have identifying information on the back.  The images include scenes of rural towns, the Atlantic coast, and mountainous landscapes outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Two of the images are marked "Hees, phot." probably by the photographer Pedro Hees (1841 - 1880) of Brazil.  The collection also contains two small...
Dates: 1850-1915

Fulbright Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(40)

Gifford Construction Company Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(27)
Scope and Contents 1921-1922.  14 gelatin silver photographs documenting the construction of a railroad line connecting a distillery owned by the Vaccaro Brothers Fruit Company to the city of La Ceiba, Honduras via an inland mountain pass.  The construction work was done by the Gifford Construction Company, Dallas, Texas.
Dates: 1921-1922

Haiti Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(32)

Instituto Autónomo Biblioteca Nacional y de Servicios de Bibliotecas "Rostro de Venezuela" Photograph

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(12)
Scope and Contents 1982. 24 black and white photographs (9" x 11 3/4") commercially produced as a portfolio accompanied by a informational pamphlet.  The collection documents the people of Venezuela, including indigenous people and scenes of daily life in rural and urban settings. This particular selection was made from the winning works of photographers in 1979-1981 expositions held by the Instituto in Caracas.
Dates: 1982

Libby Rosenfield Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(15)
Scope and Contents 1990. 18 color snapshots (3 1/2" x 5") taken on a steamer trip up the coast of South America.  The images include views of streets, the market, and parks in Lima, Peru, and scenes from Arica, Iquique, Valparaíso, and Santiago, Chile.
Dates: 1990

Louis J. Boeri and Minín Bujones Collection of America's Productions, Inc. Photographs

 File — Box 5, Folder: 44
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(44)
Scope and Contents c. 1963-1970. Collection of 18 gelatin silver prints in a variety of sizes (3 x 5 through 8.5 x 14 inches). All but one of the photographs are portraits of America's Productions Inc. personnel including the President, Louis J. Boeri, his fellow administrators, artists, writers, and technical staff. No captions identifying individuals by name were included.
Dates: 1963-1970

Luis Rímolo Arango Photograph Collection of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(31)
Content Description c. 1920-1930. 11 gelatin silver prints of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia taken by Antonio Rímolo Arango. The small collection provides scenes of early 20th century urban settings and architecture in and around the colonial center of Cartagena de Indias. A previous owner of the photographs identified each of the images with a caption written in ink.
Dates: c. 1920-1930

Malcolm Coelho Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(4)
Scope and Contents 1980s.  33 photoprints and slides of Chichén Itzá, Mérida, Cuernavaca, and the architecture of Luis Barragán in Los Clubes, Col. Arboledas, of northern Mexico City.
Dates: 1980s

Maximilian Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(5)
Scope and Contents 1867.  2 black and white photographs (7" x 5 1/2"); one of the Capuchinas Convent where Maximilian was imprisoned and another of the carriage in which he was carried to the place of execution.
Dates: 1867

Mexican Baseball Team Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(30)
Scope and Contents c.1950.  Three gelatin silver 5 x 7 inch prints of members of the Apizaco baseball team.  The players are likely from Apizaco, State of Tlaxcala.
Dates: c. 1930

Mexican Scenes Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(2)
Scope and Contents c. 1900s.  20 black and white photographs and card photographs of scenes of daily life among the working classes of Mexico.Also a church of Monterrey. Photographers identified are Scott, C.B. Waite and Coquille.
Dates: c. 1900s

Mexico Views Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(18)
Scope and Contents c. 1940. 4 commercially reproduced color photographs (7 3/4" x 5 7/8") by Mario Buconch of the cities of Acapulco, Guerrero; Atontonilco, Guanajuato; Chalchicomula, Puebla; and Tenayuca, Mexico. The collection also includes a set of 16 accordion-style commercial sepia photographs (3 1/2" x 5") of the shrine of Guadalupe along with an accompanying text about the Virgin of Guadalupe.
Dates: c. 1940

Miniature Portraits of Female Beauties Photograph Collection

 Collection — Box 5, Folder: 36
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 38-(36)
Scope and Contents c. 1910s - 1920s.  54 gelatin silver miniature photographic portraits of female actresses many of which were originally tobacco trade cards. Many contain the name of the actress, a DE photographer trademark, and an image number printed on the card.
Dates: c. 1910s - 1920s