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LAL02. Latin American Library - Image Archive - Photograph Collections

 Record Group
Identifier: LAL02

Found in 64 Collections and/or Records:

Abbye A. Gorin Collection

 Collection — Box 1 - 20
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 01
Scope and Contents 1965-1985.  The Abbye A. Gorin Collection includes photographs of people, city and country scenes, architecture, archaeological sites and pre-Columbian art in Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and the Museum of Mankind in England, taken during the years between 1965 and 1985. Gorin used two cameras in shooting the photographs in the collection: a Rolleiflex (purchased in 1954) with a fixed 3.5/75mm lens, and a Leica M-3 (purchased in 1963) with Leica Summicron 50mm, Summicron 35mm, and Elmarit...
Dates: 1965-1978

Abraham Guillén Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 03
Scope and Contents

1940s-1960s. A collection of 860 photographs of the lifestyle of indigenous people, city and country scenes, archaeological sites, colonial and modern architecture and pre-Hispanic, colonial and folk art in Peru.

Dates: 1940s-1960s

Alfred W. Anthony Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 18
Scope and Contents

1910-1920s.  300 photographs (and negatives) relating to two disparate themes.  One is of seals and other wildlife living along the Baja California coast.  The second is of Guatemala and its native populations and the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Included in the collection are papers, passport, and obituary of Anthony, a noted naturalist.

Dates: 1910-1920s

Augusto Miceli Collection of Photographs of the Copán Archaeological Site

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 33
Scope and Contents

c. 1970.  76 black and white photographs of the archaeological site of Copán, Honduras, fully identified, but not dated.

Dates: c. 1970

Ben Johnson Collection of Photographs of the Panama Canal

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 30
Scope and Contents

1911-1912.  13 photoprints and postcards of the Panama Canal under construction and the Canal Zone.

Dates: 1911-1912

Bettina Wulfing Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 22
Scope and Contents

1985.  48 photographs of Franciscan churches in Yucatán described by Father Alonso Ponce in 1588 and revisited by Wulfing in 1985. Some of the churches photographed are in modern-day Campeche, which seceded from Yucatán in 1867 and formed its own separate state. The collection also contains Wulfing's 29-page descriptive paper.

Dates: 1985

Canal Zone Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 34
Scope and Contents

1907-1909.  101 black and white photographs of varying sizes (3" x 5" to 7" x 9") of the Canal Zone, Panama City, and of construction on the Panama Canal.  Some of the items are commercial photographs by W.A. Fishbaugh. The collection also contains larger photographs of Havana, Cuba and maps of the Canal Zone and the Panama Canal itself.

Dates: 1907-1909

Carroll Edward Mace Collection of Photographs and Postcards of Latin America

 Collection — Box 1, Box: 2
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 17
Scope and Contents

1940s-1960s.  500 amateur photographs of Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru.  Included are 100 postcards of images taken by Martín Chambi.  The work of other photographers like Robert González, Jiménez, Mateo Nieva, and Villavicencio are also included.  Contained in the collection are three miniature commercial albums of Brazil.

Dates: 1940s-1960s

Charles Muir Lovell Photograph Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 89
Content Description 1970s-2014 Selection of 79 prints of various sizes and processes, in black-and-white and color, images taken by Charles Muir Lovell. Lovell made these images over the course of 30 years of travel throughout Mexico and to Brazil. Most if not all appeared in the 2014 exhibition, Mexico, Te Quiero: Photographic Exhibition by Charles M. Lovell: 25 Years of Photography, at the Mexican Consulate Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana.Most of the examples in...
Dates: 1970s - 2014; Majority of material found in 1990-2000

Chile Slide Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 71
Dates: 10,000 BC - AD 1891

Christian Rasmussen Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 23
Scope and Contents

1980.  415 photographs of Colonial churches throughout Yucatán and some from Quintana Roo, Mexico showing details of their art and architecture. The collection also includes images of sisal haciendas in Yucatán with views of hacienda buildings and machinery, and a map showing the locations of the places photographed.

Dates: 1985, 1987

CIRMA 30th Anniversary Fototeca Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 70
Scope and Contents

1980-2010.  15 black and white photoprints from selected negatives housed in a hand-crafted archival case.  The prints are accompanied by two inserts: letterpress bifolium "CIRMA: The Photo Archive 1980-2010" and a booklet, CIRMA: Fototeca Commemorative Portfolio 1980-2010 [with notes dated 2011]. Daniel Chauche printed all of the negatives personally on warm tone 100% cotton photographic paper in his laboratory in La Antigua, Guatemala.

Dates: 1980-2010

CIRMA Collection of Juan Yas and José Domingo Noriega Photographs

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 13
Scope and Contents 1880-1940. 78 prints made by Mitchell Denburg from the original glass negatives of photographs taken by the early Guatemalan photographers, Juan José de Jesús Yas and José Domingo Noriega.  The collection represents the latter work of Yas when he worked alongside with his nephew, José Domingo, out of his studio in Antigua, Guatemala. The images document his work in studio portraiture which capture Guatemalans in a diversity of social settings (like weddings and funerals) and they reflect...
Dates: 1880-1940

CIRMA Collection of Mitchell Denburg Photographs

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 12
Scope and Contents

1979-1982.  922 photographs of twentieth century city and country life in Guatemala, including activities of Maya people, coffee plantation workers, nineteenth century farm equipment, tradespeople, prostitutes, political parties, and scenes of Holy Week and church interiors.  A comprehensive collection guide is included with the collection.

Dates: 1979-1982

Codex Tulane Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 26
Scope and Contents

1977.  Three sets of black and white prints with negatives and three sets of Ektachrome color slides taken by Betsy Swanson of this Mixtec pictorial manuscript; also includes an older black and white and color set of prints.

Dates: 1977

Collection of Cruces y Campa Mexican Heads of State

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 67
Scope and Contents c. 1874-1881. 52 original cartes-de-visite photographs mounted on cards measuring 4 X 2 inches. An example of Cruces y Campa's Gobernantes series, this set of photographs titled, Galería de personas que han ejercido el mando supremo de México con título legal o por medio de la usurpación, features a cast of government officials and personages important to the political history of Mexico, photographed by the firm of Cruces y...
Dates: c. 1874-1881

Collection of Cruces y Campa Mexican Occupationals

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 48
Scope and Contents

1862-1877.  60 cartes-de-visites of the Mexican "occupationals" or "tipos" series created by the photographers Antioco Cruces and Luis Campa from studio portraits depicting men, women, and children in a diversity of occupations or wearing traditional costumes against realistic backgrounds. The collector was Charles R. Hunt.

Dates: 1862-1877

Collenberg and Miller Glass Negative Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 50
Scope and Contents

1906-1909. Glass negatives of cities and towns from across highland central Mexico including Mexico City, Querétaro, Puebla, Cuernavaca, Morelia, Guadalajara, Tampico and others all showing landscapes, trees, volcanoes, churches, houses, and people. Contact prints made from the negatives are available for consultation. with contact prints of each exposure. 246 negatives with contact prints.

Dates: 1906-1909

Daniel Schavelzon Photograph Collection of Ecuadorian and Guatemalan Archaeological Sites

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 63
Scope and Contents 1960s-1980s. 687 black and white photographs of varying sizes (8 x 10 inches to 3 x 4 inches) of archaeological sites in both Ecuador and Guatemala. The images document excavations at the Ecuadorian sites of Manta and Jaramino and include images of artifacts from sites along the coast and in the sierra of Ecuador. Included in the collection are a set of photographs of the Kaminaljuyu site in highland Guatemala taken in 1962. Offprints and site plans of Kaminaljuyu are included. 697...
Dates: 1960s-1980s

David Leeson Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 29
Scope and Contents

1983.  33 black and white photoprints (11" x 14") taken in Nicaragua and Honduras by New Orleans Times-Picayune photographer, David Leeson, for a feature series of people associated with the conflict between the Sandinista forces and the Contras. A written description by Leeson accompanies each photograph.  Included in the collection is a poster with a map of Nicaragua.

Dates: 1983

Donald and Martha Robertson Collection of C.B. Waite Photographs

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 28
Scope and Contents

c. 1904.  25 printed out paper photographs taken by C.B. Waite throughout Mexico. Numerous views of railroads, parks, archaeological sites, architecture, and a hacienda.

Dates: c. 1904

Dr. Stella Leche Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 52
Scope and Contents

c. 1933-1934.  78 black and white photographs (measuring 7.5 x 4 or 10 x 7.25 inches) taken or collected by Tulane physician Dr. Deignen Leche during a scientific expedition to Chiapas, Mexico.  The collection contains images of the Valeriano Lobeira family, Maya people, including the Lacandón, scenes of urban and rural life, haciendas, landscapes, and possibly of San Cristobal de las Casas.

Dates: c. 1933-1934

Elizabeth Weinstein Mosquito Coast Mission Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 61
Scope and Contents

c.1902-1908. This Collection was assembled by Elizabeth Weinstein, a German missionary on Nicaragua's Mosquito Coast. The photos show village and jungle scenes; the church and school children; the missionaries and ministers and their wives; scenes from Bluefields and the Mosquito Coast. Some photos have annotations on the front or back. Also included is Elizabeth Weinstein's authograph book c. 1903-1912, with poems from her friends, most in German, one in English.

Dates: c.1902-1908

Emilio Harth-Terré Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 02

1930s-1970s.  A collection of 4,332 gelatin silver prints dating to the period between 1930 and 1970. Among the many images are those of colonial architecture, colonial art, and archaeological sites all located within Peru. Materials in the collection also document earthquake destruction in the city of Lima.

Dates: 1930s - 1970s

Enrique A. Cervantes Photograph Collection

 Collection — Box LAL02_068_01
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 068
Scope and Contents c. 1930.  A group of 25 gelatin silver prints, each in an embossed brown mat, signed and captioned in ink on the mat. The images measure 6.5  X 4.5 inches in an 8  X 10 inch mat.  The images are of interior and exterior architectural details of various structures in Puebla, Mexico. Views include: a birds-eye-view of the city of Puebla; the Cathedral; the famed Santa Rosa kitchen, studies of majolica tiled buildings; the Capilla Real, built in 1549 and modeled on the great Mosque in Cordova,...
Dates: c. 1930

Erika Diettes Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 73
Scope and Contents 2005-2018 The Erika Diettes Photograph Collection consists of 9 linear feet of color and black and white prints of several art photographic series created by Colombian photographer and artist, Erika Diettes, and the subsequent exhibitions of her work throughout Colombia and around the world. Diettes' work uses images of and related to the victims of the decades long armed conflict in Colombia in part to create visual art pieces that provide a means through which to memorialize their lives...
Dates: 2005-2018

Ernest L. Crandall Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 05
Scope and Contents

Photographs taken during three Carnegie Institution expeditions to archaeological sites in Mexico and Guatemala. Three photographs in the collection are attributed to Teobert Maler.

Dates: 1924-1927

Fernando La Rosa A. Collection of Peru and Bolivia Photographs

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 51
Scope and Contents

1967-1977.  141 black and white photographs printed on 11" x 14" silver gelatin base paper and treated with silver remover for archival purposes.  The images include urban and rural scenes of Lima, Iquitos, San Mateo, Jauja, and Huaraz in Peru, and of La Paz and Santa Cruz in Bolivia.

Dates: 1967-1977

Fernando La Rosa Photograph Collection

Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 06
Scope and Contents

1971-1972. 24 photographs of the archaeological sites of Chavín de Huantar and Sechín in Peru.

Dates: 1971-1972

Frank M. June Guatemala Vistas

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: Image Archive-Collection 58
Scope and Contents

1940-1942. These photos were taken during Colonel June's service as Naval Attaché in Guatemala. The prints include an aerial view of Guatemala City, several colonial structures in Antigua and a number of pictures taken around Lake Atitlán. The collection's strength are the scenes of daily rural life which include market days, typical housing and costumes, means of transportation and an indigenous musical group playing traditional instruments.

Dates: 1940 - 1942