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LAL01/Collection 50. Central American and Caribbean Miscellaneous Manuscripts

 Record Group Term
Identifier: LAL01/Collection 50
A continually growing artificial collection of original manuscripts relating to a variety of thematic categories including politics, religion, mining, medicine, biography, archaeology, economics, travel, anthropology, history, transportation, and literature.  The geographic points of origin for many of the pieces are in countries of either Central America or the Caribbean.

Found in 50 Collections and/or Records:

Agravios Document

 File — Box 2, Folder: 21
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(21)
Scope and Contents May 15, 1888. Legal document on sealed paper issued in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in which Rómulo E. Durón seeks to reverse a previous ruling which granted rights to the abandoned mine Monserrat in Yuscarán prejudicial to his clients. D.S. 6 leaves, quarto.
Dates: May 15, 1888

Alberto Membreño Letter

 File — Box 3, Folder: 32
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(32)
Scope and Contents 1907. Writing from New Orleans to Jesús Ulloa in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, the future president of Honduras, Alberto Membreño, mentions the suspension of mail service to the interior and the unstable government of Honduras. 1 leaf.
Dates: May 1, 1907

Album de poesías

 File — Box 1, Folder: 4
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(04)
Scope and Contents 1913-1966. A collection of copied and pasted clippings of published poetry by select Latin American poets organized in a 78-page scrapbook. The authors include Blanco-Belmonte, Darío, Villaespesa, Heredia, among others. Included as well are 7 loose pieces of poetry published and unpublished.
Dates: 1913-1966

Archivo General de la Nación, Guatemala

 File — Box 3, Folder: 34, a-f
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(34)
Scope and Contents 1524-1558 Six photocopies of manuscripts held in the Archivo General de la Nacion, Guatemala. Most are in the handwriting of Brasseur de Bourborg and some have passages of Quiché with Spanish translations. The documents concern early land titles of the Indians in Chiapas and the Quiché Indians of Guatemala, including Quezaltenango, Momostenango, and Verapaz. 6 pieces total.
Dates: 1524-1558

Arcilla mística (evocación y elegía)

 File — Box 2, Folder: 16
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(16)
Scope and Contents 1946 Book of love poems, typewritten and signed in San salvador by the Salvadoran writer, Juan Felipe Toruño. No. 25 of 37. 20 pages.
Dates: September 1946

Biography of Jorge Ubico (1878-1946)

 File — Box 2, Folder: 26
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(26)
Scope and Contents February 8, 1931. Three-page biography of General Jorge Ubico sent to Tulane University as a press release upon his election as president of Guatemala. Cover letter is included.
Dates: February 8, 1931

Bishop Esteban Lorenzo de Tristán y Esmenota letter

 File — Box 1, Folder: 2
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(02)
Scope and Contents 1783. Letter from Esteban Lorenzo, Bishop of Nicaragua, in León, thanking el Conde de Tepa for the use of his influence in procuring his appointment as Bishop of Durango, Mexico. 1 sheet
Dates: December 25, 1783

British Honduras Grand Court Records

 File — Box 3, Folder: 29, a-c
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(36)
Scope and Contents Jan. 11, 1848 - Nov. 1, 1849.  Copies of 3 dossiers of records for two cases brought before the Grand Court in Belize, settlement of British Honduras.  The first case deals with opposition to the Chief Justice Robert Temple by jurors and the subsequent arrest of William Henry Coffin for contempt of court.  The second case concerns irregularities in the inquest made after a drowning.  The collection also includes sample forms for various court procedures. The records help paint a portrait of the...
Dates: January 11, 1848 - November 1, 1849

British Honduras Plantation Notes

 File — Box 3, Folder: 30
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(30)
Scope and Contents 1866 Notes by an administrator in a calendar journal, of daily life on a plantation upriver from Belize. Weather is noted, workers present or sick and their jobs, rations, punishments are mentioned, also flooding, trips to Belize for trading, crops including plantains, rice, pineapples, and corn, such animals as cows, pigs, and chickens, going to the Bar, and a Mr. Hamilton, who may be the owner.
Dates: May 7, 1866 - November 17, 1866

Cardenal letter to the Minister of Ecuador

 File — Box 1, Folder: 7
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(07)
Scope and Contents 1856. Typewritten transcription of a letter from Pedro Cardenal, Leon, Nicaragua to the Foreign Minister of Ecuador seeking cooperation of his government in defending the independence of Nicaragua against the attacks of William Walker and in convincing the United States to prohibit reinforcements to aid Walker. 6 leaves.
Dates: December 10, 1856

Certification of Message from Francisco Saldívar, Diputado

 File — Box 1, Folder: 12
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(12)
Scope and Contents 1846 Certification of communication sent by Deputy Francisco Saldívar in San Salvador, El Salvador to the Secretario de Relaciones informing him of the prosecution of the perpetrators of rioting against deputies opposed to the election of the President. 2 leaves.
Dates: January 29, 1846

Charles G. Davis "A Trip to Panama in 1913" Diary

 File — Box 4, Folder: 49
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(49)
Scope and Contents November 22-December 16, 1913   A 100 page manuscript notebook with dozens of full page and smaller hand-drawn color illustrations. A Trip to Panama in 1913 is the travel journal made by Charles G. Davis, a builder of model wooden naval vessels and author of several books about sailing and ship history, on the S.S. Carrillo from New York to Panama via Cuba and Jamaica in 1913. Davis describes native peoples, traveling companions, and ship personnel. There are...
Dates: 1913

Coker Travel Account

 File — Box 1, Folder: 6
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(06)
Scope and Contents 1944. Typed copy of impressions of Guatemala during Holy Week b William A. Coker, who visited Guatemala City, Antigua, Chichicastenango, and Lake Atitlán. He continues to write about his experiences in Venezuela, where he traveled on the Orinoco River and met various indigenous people of whom he photographed. Included are 11 photographs. 21 leaves total.
Dates: 1944

Compañía de Navegación del Río Motagua. Erección de la Compania de Navegación del Río Motagua, 1796

 File — Box 4, Folder: 48
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(48)
Scope and Contents 1796   A single hand-written manuscript of 17 leaves (34 pages) and 4 appendices. It recounts the proceedings which created a joint stock company to develop and promote navigation on the Motagua River from the Honduran port of Omoa. The manuscript includes a report by the Secretary of Guatemala's Consulado concerning the venture, the list of the company's stockholders and officials, the company's thirty-five articles of incorporation and a series of reflections about the project by those...
Dates: 1796

Decree on Elections

 File — Box 2, Folder: 22
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(22)
Scope and Contents July 21, 1826; April 1832. Manuscript copy of the 1826 decree of the President of the Republic of Central America issued in Guatemala City governing the procedure and the verification of elections from local to the national level, in 58 articles and 4 chapters. The document was copied in Danlí, Honduras in 1832. D.C. 5 leaves, quarto.
Dates: 1826-1832

Decrees for Central America from Mexico (Empire, 1820-1823)

 File — Box 3, Folder: 38
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(38)
Scope and Contents 1822 Decrees issued by the Mexican Empire for dissemination to the provinces of Guatemala under Vicente Filísola and/or of Honduras under Dionisio de Herrera. The decrees bear on military regulations, designation of San Juan de Dios in Guatemala as the only provisional cemetery, and apprehension of conspirators. D.S. 4 leaves.
Dates: August-September 1822

Decrees of the Congreso Nacional de Honduras

 File — Box 3, Folder: 40
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(40)
Scope and Contents 1921-1945 Bound, typewritten and printed decrees once part of a larger work: 1921 Decreto No. 45 on Sunday closing of stores, with 1938 and 1939 letters to police of Danlí regarding this law; 1935 Decreto no. 110 on licensing peddlers and registering guns; 1945 Decreto no. 65 on irrigation rights of small land holders. Also laws regarding sealed paper and tax for education. 8 leaves
Dates: Majority of material found in 1921-1945

Description of La Guadeloupe

 File — Box 2, Folder: 17
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(17)
Scope and Contents c. 1899. Bound manuscript of an outline or description in French of 32 individual manuscript volumes on the history and physical aspects of Guadeloupe by Jules Ballet. Three of the volumes were published between 1890 and 1899.
Dates: c.1899

Documents relating to the petition of Lewis Celeste Lecesne and John Escoffery

 File — Multiple Containers
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(54)
Scope and Contents 1824-1829 Collection of dispatches, correspondence, reports, affadavits, plan, and miscellaneous documents relating to the legal case of Lewis Celeste Lecesne and John Escoffery, residents of Kingston, Jamaica, who had their joint business and properties siezed and were subsequently exiled from the island by the Governor of Jamaica in 1823. The collection is arranged into two Series: Series I, contains 93 dispatches along with an index relating to the case that date between 1824 and 1826 that...
Dates: [1824-1829], 1999

Duarte, José Napoleon, 1926-1990, Intipuca

 Collection — Box 3, Folder: 35
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(35)

El Salvador Costo y condiciones de vida en San Salvador

 File — Box 3, Folder: 44
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(44)
Scope and Contents 1954 Detailed statistics on the cost and conditions of living for one month of 300 working families in San Salvador, as reported by Luis B. Ortiz C. Similar to a printed version held in the Closed Stacks of the Latin American Library (Call No. 972.84 (339.4) S182. 73 leaves.
Dates: November 4, 1954

El Salvador. Dirección General de Estadística y Censos IV Censo Nacional de Población y III de Vivienda

 File — Box 3, Folder: 45
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(45)
Scope and Contents 1971 Census of El Salvador by department indicating urban and rural population and by cities indicating the increase in numbers, along with the numbers of houses in the country, as submitted by Gustavo Rivas Rodríguez. 5 leaves.
Dates: December 21, 1971

Fortuny, José Manuel, Datos Biográficos

 File — Box 3, Folder: 42
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(42)
Scope and Contents 1993 Autobiographical sketch of this Guatemalan journalist and revolutionary, with coverage of his political activities in the Communist party and governments of Juan José Arevalo and Jacobo Arbenz. With cover letter. TD 3 leaves and TCS 1 leaf.
Dates: March 27, 1993

Gerardo Castellanos García, Letter to Virgil A. Warren

 File — Box 3, Folder: 47
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(47)
Scope and Contents 1939  A single piece of correspondence in which Gerard Castellanos García provides his biography, he describes his historical and newspaper writings, and he writes about his family. Castellanos also discusses his personal philosophy and his views about Cuba. 7pp.
Dates: 1939

Governor of Olancho, Honduras Communications

 File — Box 2, Folder: 20
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(20)
Scope and Contents 1846 Two handwritten messages from Francisco Verdy, the Gobernador Político y Militar of the Department of Olancho in Juticalpa, Honduras, to the authorities of Danlí, on regarding the payment of taxes on land and the other on the formation of a small armed cavalry as protection against a rebellious faction in Nicaragua. 2 pieces. 4 leaves.
Dates: January 26 and February 19, 1846

Jova, Joseph John, 1916- , Speech to Rotarians

 File — Box 3, Folder: 37
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(37)
Scope and Contents 1975 Speech delivered to the Rotary Club of Mexico by U.S. Ambassador on the contribution of Hispanics to the U.S. War of Independence. The role of Bernardo de Galvéz was of particular note. A.L.S. to Representative from Louisiana, Mrs. Lindy Boggs. 2 pieces
Dates: Event: July 15, 1975

Junta Nacional de Escrutinio, Report on the election

 File — Box 3, Folder: 43
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(43)
Scope and Contents 1968 Report on the election returns for the President and Vice-Presidents of Panama for 1968-1972, submitted by the accounting firm of Touche, Ross, Bailey & Smart. Voting is recorded by party, province, and district, resulting in the election of Arnulfo Arias Madrid as President. There are handwritten notations. 26 pages.
Dates: May 30, 1968

Legal Commentaries

 File — Box 5, Box: 53
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(53)
Scope and Contents c.1894 Bound volume of handwritten commentaries by José Matos on 20 articles proposed by Henri Gregoire, a member of the French Convention, which served as the beginnings of "Public International Law." 417pp
Dates: c.1894

Letter Copying Book of L.Leon Löwe (fl. 1900)

 File — Box 1, Folder: 10
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(10)
Scope and Contents 1900-1901 Bound volume of carbon copies of letters and operational reports most of which are from L. Leön Lowe, manager of the Central American Improvement Co. in Gualán, Gautemala, to company president in New Orleans, LA. The company is engaged in the building, maintenance, and operation of the railroad "Ferrocarril del Norte" between Puerto Barrios and El Rancho, with intent to extend the line to the capital according to the contract with President Estrada Cabrera. Dealings with the United...
Dates: July 13, 1900-Dec. 1901

Letters of Augusto Cesar Sandino

 File — Box 1, Folder: 11
Identifier: Manuscripts-Collection 50-(11)
Scope and Contents 1930-1932 Four letters wrttten by Augusto César Sandino (1895-1934). Two were written in Las Segovias, Nicaragua to Alfonso Irias and/or José Idiaquez in Danlí, Honduras, with a reply from the latter. The letters make references to press dispatches, action against the enemy, Sandino's health, philosophy, and humor.
Dates: 1930-1932