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LaRC. Louisiana Research Collection

 Record Group
Identifier: LaRC
Collections of the Louisiana Research Collection at the Special Collections Library, Jones Hall, Tulane University.

Found in 1886 Collections and/or Records:

Berdou family papers

Identifier: LaRC-M-312
Scope and Contents The papers are composed of a birth certificate for Jean Berdou, born in the Department of Basses Pyrénées, France (September 3, 1813), letters to the Berdous in Louisiana from relatives in France, a copy of the obituary of Mme Noël Haydel, letters from Henri Berdou, and other papers related to the family.
Dates: 1813-1892; Other: Date acquired: 11/07/1963

Bernard Lemann lottery ticket collection

Identifier: LaRC-M-569
Scope and Contents Collection of papers related to the lottery including tickets, lists of winning numbers, prizes, and important dates. Collection contains papers from Louisiana, Honduras, Mexico, Ireland, and England.
Dates: 1900-1901; Other: Date acquired: 01/06/1977

Bernard Lemann papers

Identifier: LaRC-237
Scope and Contents The collection consists of academic and personal papers of Tulane Professor of Architecture, Bernard Lemann. Included are correspondence, manuscripts and typescripts of reports, galley proofs, handwritten notes, and other research, photocopies, printed material, and newspaper clippings.
Dates: 1936-1981; Other: Date acquired: 06/12/1973

Bernardo de Galvez bibliography

Identifier: LaRC-M-542
Scope and Contents Bibliography of Bernardo de Galvez entitled "Book, Magazine, Newspaper, and Manuscript Articles in the Rosenberg Library, Pertaining to the Life and History of Don Bernardo de Galvez in Louisiana and Mexico."
Dates: 1927-1932

Bernardo D'Hauterive military appointment

Identifier: LaRC-M-171
Scope and Contents Royal Order, issued by Charles IV of Spain to a captain in Louisiana appointing Bernando D'Hauterive as First Lieutenant of the Third Company of the Second Battalian of the Mixed Legion of the Provincial Militia of Mississippi. Order is signed "Yo El Rey" and countersigned by Luis de las Casas of Havana, Juan Ventura Morales of New Orleans, and Gilberto Leaonard of New Orleans. Document is accompanied with an translation.
Dates: 1796; Other: Date acquired: 01/01/1959

Berthe Amoss papers

Identifier: LaRC-808
Scope and Contents The collection consists of greeting cards, coloring books, preliminary sketches, water color washes, mock-ups, manuscript and typed drafts, paste ups, and publisher's galley proofs of books by Berthe Amoss. Also includes manuscript and typed drafts as well as sketches and water colors of The Mysterious Prowler, text by Joan Lowery Nixon, with illustrations by Amoss. The collection also includes correspondence with publishers.
Dates: 1966-2000; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1981

Berthelot family papers

Identifier: LaRC-543
Scope and Contents The collection consists of correspondence, marriage and baptismal certificates, land ownership documents, legal judgments, property inventories, wills, promissory notes, receipts, bills, land sales, newspaper clippings, and genealogical information relating to the Berthelot family. Related families with materials also included are the Champlain, Pézard, and Brisebois Families, all of whom, were early settlers of Quebec, Canada, in the region of Trois Riviéres Saint Genevieve.
Dates: 1673-1889; Other: Date acquired: 11/06/1973

Bertin family papers

Identifier: LaRC-M-6
Scope and Contents Letters of the Bertin family, some of whom resided in New Orleans and others in St. Pierre, Martinique. The letters between various members concern the health and financial difficulties of different family members. The items also include a mortgage covering two female slaves.
Dates: 1846-1851; Other: Date acquired: 01/01/1945

B.F. French letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-98
Scope and Contents Letter from B.F. French in Lowell to the Honorable Joel Parker. Letter concerns two pamphlets of French's which Parker had requested, one about his opinion on the slavery question.
Dates: 1852; Other: Date acquired: 12/01/1949

Bienvenu Family Records

Identifier: LaRC-B-125
Scope and Contents Consists of five items: 1. Chart showing descendants of Pierre Antoine Bienvenu and Marie Martha Devince. 2. Biographical sketch of Pierre Antoine Bienvenu and his sons Aléxandre and Mélicourt. 3. Biographical sketch of Brigadier-General John Philip Goujon de Grondel and his descendents. 4. Will of Aléxandre Devince Bienvenu. 5. Map of Township 10 South, Range 5 East, St. Martin Parish, showing location and ownership of land and property in the area.
Dates: 1805-1850

Blaine Butler papers

Identifier: LaRC-1078
Scope and Contents This collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs and ephemera relating to the life and career of composer Blaine Butler.
Dates: Other: 1896-2014; Majority of material found in 20th century

Blanchard and Williams families papers

Identifier: LaRC-109
Scope and Contents Correspondence of the Blanchard and Williams families of New Orleans, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. The letters deal with the struggle of the Civil Service, the U.S. Pension and Census Bureaus, the Washington political scene, and general family matters from the 1860s to the 1920s. Also included are a group of letters from the Blanchard children at St. Joseph's Academy (1880-1897) and the Williams children at Jefferson College (1916-1918).
Dates: 1867-1961; Other: Date acquired: 01/06/1962

Blanche Eugenia Jennings reading record

Identifier: LaRC-M-283
Scope and Contents Record kept by Blanche Eugenia Jennings of books she read with summaries, personal comments, and criticisms. Written during or after 1903.
Dates: Undated; Other: Date acquired: 11/08/1966

Blanche M. Comiskey records of the Louisiana World Exposition

Identifier: LaRC-981
Scope and Contents This collection contains correspondence, records, and photographs of Blanche M. Comiskey, the Director of Volunteers, Vatican Pavilion at 1984 Louisiana World Exposition. The collection covers general information on the Vatican Pavilion, volunteer orientations, costume designs, volunteer assignments and celebration party.
Dates: 1983-1984; Other: Date acquired: 08/11/2005

Blanche Mysing collection

Identifier: LaRC-810
Scope and Contents Blanche Mysing’s collection consists of papers accumulated during her time with the International Hospitality Committee of Tulane University (1960-1976), Friends of Tulane University Library (1983-1988), and Friends of Newcomb College (1986-1988). The majority of these papers are meeting minutes, correspondence, and literature for each organization. The collection also contains old monographs spanning from 1789 to 1891, essays written between 1903 and 1973, and various correspondence from...
Dates: 1789-1991; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1977

Blandford Church essay

Identifier: LaRC-M-638
Scope and Contents This collection contains an essay called "The Brick Church, its History and Literature," about the Blandford Church in Virginia.
Dates: Undated; Other: Date acquired: 01/06/1963

Blaney letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-833
Scope and Contents This collection contains a personal letter from "Emma" is Reading, PA, to Blaney, with news of family and/or friends. The letter mentions Charley Kindrey's visit to New Orleans.
Dates: Undated; Other: Date acquired: 09/01/1984

Bloomfield Story

Identifier: LaRC-B-289
Scope and Contents Typescript sketch of the family of William B. Bloomfield of New Orleans stressing the activities of Bloomfield, his wife Alice Affleck Bloomfield as members and benefactors of the St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church. Written by John S. Land pastor of the church.
Dates: 1966-1979

Board of Underwriters of New Orleans Financial Records

Identifier: LaRC-B-247
Scope and Contents A ledger and one journal of the Board of Underwriters of New Orleans. The ledger accounts include cash account, various salaries, fire account, river account, patrol wagon account, Babcock engines account, marine account and accounts with various agencies. The journal contains similar information in chronological form.
Dates: 1874-1924

Bob Borsodi papers

Identifier: LaRC-979
Scope and Contents The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts of plays, photographs, newspaper clippings, menus, drawings, poems, flyers, scripts, notes, and receipts that represent Bob Borsodi's life and work. Borsodi operated coffeehouses in Uptown New Orleans and produced numerous poems, plays, and drawings.
Dates: 1960s-2003; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/2002

Bonneron, John A. letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-639
Scope and Contents This collection contains a letter from Jn. A. Bonneron, San Francisco, dated September 20 1855, to J. Ducasting & Co., Bordeaux France, concerning the statuss of the Company's business in San Francisco. The letter is written in French.
Dates: 1855; Other: Date acquired: 01/05/1963

Book of Formulas

Identifier: LaRC-B-086
Scope and Contents A book of formulas in French by Chuard Marcelin.
Dates: Undated

Boston Club of New Orleans records

Identifier: LaRC-214
Scope and Contents The Boston Club was founded 1841, and was named not for the city of Boston, but for a card game.  Its members were leading business gentlemen of New Orleans.  Its first quarters were on Royal Street, and moved several times to different locations in downtown New Orleans. The collection consists of handwritten and typed correspondence, financial records, minutes, charters, bylaws, histories, annual reports, photographs, invitations with stamped and postmarked envelopes, printed programs for...
Dates: 1870-1966; Other: Date acquired: 05/11/1972

Boston Massacre Account

Identifier: LaRC-B-148
Scope and Contents A copy of a contemporary newspaper account of the Boston Massacre.
Dates: Other: Dummy Date

Botanical Society of New Orleans papers

Identifier: LaRC-M-145
Scope and Contents General plan for the proposed Arboretum for the New Orleans City Park and two copies of the "Arboretum Bulletin" issued by the Arboretum Board (1937) and distributed widely to publicize the need and value of a local arboretum and to interest possible donors.
Dates: 1935-1937; Other: Date acquired: 01/01/1954

Bouny and Sanchez families papers

Identifier: LaRC-328
Scope and Contents Collection includes mortgage documents, slavery documents, a bill of lading, shipping documents, promissory notes, donation notes, property documents, a death notice, a land office refund, a shopping list, a post card, and poems in French. There are many legal documents for property transactions and purchases of slaves by Pierre Sidney Sanchez and by the widow of Pierre Godefroy Bouny.
Dates: 1828-1907; Other: Date acquired: 10/01/1968

Boynton Historical sketch of the Virginia campaign

Identifier: LaRC-M-445
Scope and Contents Two copies of the pamphlet "Should Auld Acquiantence Be Forgot: 36th Annual Ecampment G.A.R." dated October 6, 1902 in Washington D.C. via Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. The pamphlet consists of a historical sketch of the Virginia Campaign of 1902 with a complete map of the battlefields.
Dates: 1902; Other: Date acquired: 12/07/1972

Bradford, James M. Imprints

Identifier: LaRC-M-611
Scope and Contents This collection contains a summons to Adam Palmer, Sarah Palmer, and John Austin to appear in the Parish Court of Feliciana on June 17, 1811, to testify in the case of Absalom Best vs. John Gready, signed by James Bradford as Clerk. It also contains a bond to stay execution, granted to John Crocker and Aaron Gorham, who were bound to John Reynolds for one hundred dollars, signed by Bradford as a witness. Both documents were printed by Bradford. The second document is dated December 5, 1811; the...
Dates: 1811; Other: Date acquired: 05/10/1957

Braxton Bragg to Robert E. Lee letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-1130
Scope and Contents The collection consists of a letter from General Braxton Bragg to General Robert E. Lee regarding the movement of Union troops in Virginia, dated 1864 April 8. It also contains a contemporary copy on General Headquarters letterhead.
Dates: 1864

Breda, J. Ernest Letters

Identifier: LaRC-M-616
Scope and Contents This collection contains three letters from J. Ernest Breda, District Attorney of the 9th Judicial District of Louisiana, dated August 11 1873, and addressed to Hon. J. R. Beckwith, U.S. District Attorney at New Orleans, Hon. S. B. Packard, U.S. Marshal, and Hon. George H. Williams, Attorney General of the United States, telling of the riot in Colfax in April, the indictment of about 140 of the participants on July 9, and the threats against the court on July 24 by a group of armed men. He asks...
Dates: 1873; Other: Date acquired: 04/03/1960