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LaRC. Louisiana Research Collection

 Record Group
Identifier: LaRC
Collections of the Louisiana Research Collection at the Special Collections Library, Jones Hall, Tulane University.

Found in 1886 Collections and/or Records:

Bastrop, Baron de Paper

Identifier: LaRC-M-608
Scope and Contents This collection contains a certified copy, dated 3 June 1841 and signed by Lewis F. Lamy, Judge of the Parish of Ouachitta, with seal affixed, of a document taken from the Register of William Young Lewis, Notary Public, New Orleans, attesting that Richard R. Keenehad appeared before him on March 19, 1835, and delivered to him a promissory note for $4056.44 made to his order by the Baron de Bastrop, dated 3 March 1806, at six months after date, and a protest dated 6 September 1806, by Narcissus...
Dates: June 3, 1841; Other: Date acquired: 01/11/1953

Baton Rouge Board of Trade resolution

Identifier: LaRC-M-245
Scope and Contents Official printed copy of a resolution passed by the Baton Rouge Board of Trade on October 19, 1910 to raise $15,000 for a publicity fund to use in advertising the agricultural and industrial resources of the city of Baton Rouge and the Parish of East Baton Rouge. The circular also gives rules for raising money and establishes an proper advertising procedure.
Dates: 1910; Other: Date acquired: 04/11/1963

Batture Dwellers Association records

Identifier: LaRC-305
Scope and Contents The collection includes correspondence, meeting notices, lists of activities, membership lists and other items related to the Batture Dwellers Association and the eviction controversy. There are materials that pertain to the court actions and hearings, including claim sheets and receipts of the Batture residents, which their lawyers based their case upon. Also included are pamphlets, photographs, newspaper clippings, and two scrapbooks of Batture Dwellers materials (1952-1954) compiled by...
Dates: 1949-1958

B.B. Smith diary

Identifier: LaRC-M-1123
Scope and Contents The manuscript diary covers B.B. Smith's service from 1862 January 1 to 1862 August 2, in Company A, 30th Massachusetts, which was raised by Major General Benjamin Butler, occupied Forts St. Philip and Jackson, and was the first unit to enter New Orleans. Smith wrote detailed comments about the city's occupation. Researchers should note that the inside of the diary is inscribed "Co. A, 2nd Regiment, NED." Smith's first name may have been Bartholomew.
Dates: 1862; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1996

Beach, R. L. T. letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-637
Scope and Contents This collection contains a letter written by R. L. T. Beach, dated July 28 1886, to "My dear Sir," acknowledging the receipt of his letter.
Dates: 1886; Other: Date acquired: 01/03/1968

Beauregard-Barnard letters

Identifier: LaRC-997
Scope and Contents The collection consists of nine letters from Captain Barnard and Lt. Pierre G.T. Beauregard of the Army Corps of Engineers to Colin J. McRae concerning the delivery of bricks for the building of Fort Livingston. The fort was located on Grand Terre and was one of the defensive structures guarding the city of New Orleans.
Dates: 1840-1841; Other: Date acquired: 11/04/2004

Beauregard check

Identifier: LaRC-M-1119
Scope and Contents This collection contains a check for $200 signed by Beauregard, February 3 1880, drawn on Mutual National Bank, New Orleans.
Dates: 1880; Other: Date acquired: 01/11/2001

Becnel and Armant families papers

Identifier: LaRC-296
Scope and Contents The collection consists of Civil War correspondence, military commissions, marriage and baptismal certificates, financial records, and genealogical materials of the Becnel, Armant, Fuselier, Haydel, Himel, and Cantrelle families. Much of the material focuses on Lézin Becnel, who was captain in the Confederate Army and a member of the 30th Regiment Louisiana Volunteers. Included in the collection is his correspondence with wife Amélia Armant Becnel, his diary, his autograph book from his time as...
Dates: 1849-1881; Other: Date acquired: 04/12/1974

Behan family papers

Identifier: LaRC-78
Scope and Contents This collection includes correspondence, portraits, newspaper clippings, and other records of the Behan family, who lived and operated a sugar plantation in New Orleans during and after the Civil War. Included in the collection are many letters written during the Civil War by William J. Behan of the Washington Artillery and Charles Isaac Behan of the Orleans Company Cadets to their father John Holland Behan; they include descriptions of some significant Civil War battles, including Manassas and...
Dates: 1857-1950; Other: Date acquired: 01/04/1961

Belair Company Payroll

Identifier: LaRC-B-7
Scope and Contents Monthly payroll of workers for the Belair Company of Plaquemines Parish, a sugar plantation. It gives daily wages and job descriptions. Jobs include: sugar sacking, cane loading, house time, ditch cleaning, wood cording, cooking, "rem cleaning," "rem cutting," grinding and house repairs.
Dates: 1908-1911

Belgium Consulate papers

Identifier: LaRC-M-681
Scope and Contents This collection contains a passport of the Consul of Belgium to New Orleans. Edouard Mallard was Consul at the time this passport form was used. It has the name of Jose Tanel on it, but no further information is given.
Dates: Undated; Other: Date acquired: 01/08/1949

Bell of Independence Pamphlet

Identifier: LaRC-M-216
Scope and Contents Pamphlet called "The Bell of Independence. The City of Philadelphia to the City of New Orleans: Greeting." published in 1885. It contains copies of correspondence between the governments of the two cities for the lending of the Bell of Independence in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, for the opening of the New Orleans Exposition, a short history of the bell, a drawing of the railroad car that carried the Bell to New Orleans, and an account of the bell's arrival to the city of New Orleans.
Dates: 1885; Other: Date acquired: 03/05/1962

Bellanger's Institution Statement

Identifier: LaRC-B-56
Scope and Contents Statement to M. Deveron concerning his son's scholastic standing as well as a bill for tuition and supplies for the period.
Dates: 1842

Bellile, Captain Don Francisco Legal Case

Identifier: LaRC-M-625
Scope and Contents This collection contains court proceeding against Bernardo, Cipion, carlos, and Francisco, for having wished to poison Bellile and his overseer, Augustin.The group was exposed by another slave and the poison found in Carlos' cabin. There is detailed testimony on the quality of poison, on plantation life, and on slave conditions. Also mentions birthplace and languages spoken by slaves.
Dates: 1773; Other: Date acquired: 01/06/1977

Ben J. Williams papers

Identifier: LaRC-865
Scope and Contents This collection contains business related documents of Ben J. Williams. Specifically, these business papers are related to Williams' activities in Pape, Williams and company, the Southern Cotton Shippers Association, the American Cotton Shippers Association (of which Williams was vice-president and later president), the public belt railroad commission, and the Byrd for president movement of 1944.
Dates: 1918-1956; Other: Date acquired: 02/12/1982

Ben Lucien and Alice Caddy Burman papers

Identifier: LaRC-529
Scope and Contents This collection includes correspondence, articles, book drafts, scrapbooks, photographs, and sketches documenting the lives and work of this Southern husband and wife, who collaborated as novelist and artist. There are also awards, notes, biographical material, photographs, contracts, and audio recordings.
Dates: 1927-1984

Benedict family papers

Identifier: LaRC-461
Scope and Contents This collection consists of papers of Benedict family members in the United States, from the early nineteenth century until the late twentieth century.  Included are school and personal papers, correspondence, home recipes and remedies, land ownership papers, photographs, certificates and diplomas including an 1879 pharmacy diploma from the University of Louisiana, an 1890 Tulane Law School commencement program, invitations, financial papers, clippings, maps, a small painting on wood, printed...
Dates: 1804-1974; Other: Majority of material found in 1855-1917; Other: Date acquired: 12/10/1950

Benefit concert program

Identifier: LaRC-M-521
Scope and Contents Program for concert benefiting Chinchuba's Charitable Deaf- Mute Institution at L'Union Française Hall on Friday, January 27, 1893. The concert was performed by the Leading Artists of the French Opera Troupe.
Dates: 1893; Other: Date acquired: 01/06/1977

Benjamin Bernard Weinstein papers

Identifier: LaRC-885
Scope and Contents This collection contains the personal papers of Benjamin Bernard Weinstein, including biographical material, correspondence, typescripts of medical writings and other records of medical societies with which Weinstein was affiliated. Also included are newspaper clippings, bookplates, and photographs.
Dates: 1927-1984; Other: Date acquired: 03/10/1991

Benjamin Couvertie Receipt Book

Identifier: LaRC-B-298
Scope and Contents A receipt book of Benjamin Couvertie, a dry goods merchant at 45 Ursulines Street. Most of entries note only the amount received with the signature of the recipient.
Dates: 1871-1878

Benjamin Farar papers

Identifier: LaRC-65
Scope and Contents The collection consists correspondence to and from Benjamin Farar. Many of the letters are from New Orleans, from Farar's wife, Mary Ellis, and her sister Jane Ellis Rapalje, and his daughters Mary Farar and Anna Farar Mercer, wife of Dr. William N. Mercer. The letters contain information on family matters, comments on local news, relations of balls, races, theatre and other amusements. The letters from Farar are for the most part written from Laurel Hill plantation, near Natchez, and contain...
Dates: 1773-1826; Other: Majority of material found in 1773-1826; Other: Date acquired: 07/06/1958

Benjamin Franklin Jonas note

Identifier: LaRC-M-350
Scope and Contents Autographed note signed by Senator Benjamin Franklin Jonas requesting that the recipient deliver a copy of the Congressional Directory to Jos. A. Rice. Note is dated December 17, 1879.
Dates: 1879; Other: Date acquired: 01/05/1967

Benjamin Helm Bristow letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-920
Scope and Contents This collection contains a letter from B. H. Bristow, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, to Messrs. Durant and Horner, attorneys, regarding the claims of John R. Hayes of Red River Parish, LA for 200 bales of cotton he lost in the Civil War. The lettter is dated December 18 1874.
Dates: 1874; Other: Date acquired: 01/12/1935

Benjamin Henry Latrobe papers

Identifier: LaRC-584
Scope and Contents Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe, relating to construction of water works in New Orleans. Included are ordinances authorizing construction, statements of accounts of materials and time sheets, and authorization to Louis Gleise to construct water works (May 10, 1810).
Dates: 1807-1832; Other: Date acquired: 12/09/1946

Benjamin Howard letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-888
Scope and Contents This collection contains a letter from Benjamin Howard to the Honorable Paul Hamilton, Secretary of the Navy. Howard recommends Charles Bradford of Lexington, Kentucky for a position in the marine corps as a Second Lieutenant.
Dates: 1811; Other: Date acquired: 06/10/1983

Benjamin Morgan Harrod papers

Identifier: LaRC-253
Scope and Contents The Benjamin Morgan Harrod papers consists primarily of materials about the construction of the Panama Canal, as well as flood control and navigation. Included is correspondence, a minutebook of the Isthian Canal Commission, a speech by Harrod, photographs, reports, and a bound volume.
Dates: 1878-1910; Other: Date acquired: 11/30/1955

Benjamin Morgan Palmer papers

Identifier: LaRC-M-150
Scope and Contents Letter from Benjamin Morgan Palmer, New Orleans, to Anna G. Haydon, Louisville acknowledging her note forwarded from Louisville that expressed regrets that Palmer could not furnish her a copy of the pamphlets she requested and mentions the Southern Presbyterian Review, reverses, and the inconveniences poverty. He emphasizes the importance of a "long, eteneral future." Another letter included in the collection is a note to Palmer on his 70th birthday.
Dates: 1874-1888; Other: Date acquired: 01/12/1953

Bennett Alfred Cerf letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-1040
Scope and Contents This collection contains a note to Leon Wold, New Orleans, from Bennett Cerg, New York, discussing a story they both had read. Cerf was TV host of "What's My Line" and president of Random House.
Dates: 1955; Other: Date acquired: 09/11/1992

Bennett H. Wall papers

Identifier: LaRC-899
Scope and Contents The collection focuses on the period in Bennett H. Wall's career while he was working at Tulane University as a professor and director of the Center for Business History Studies. While at Tulane, he established himself as a major Louisiana historian, serving as president of the Louisiana Historical Association in 1974. The collection contains Tulane University Graduate School minutes, resolutions, correspondence, proposals, as well as other committee materials. In addition, there is...
Dates: 1968-1976; Other: Date acquired: 12/02/1975

Beranger memoir

Identifier: LaRC-M-1080
Scope and Contents This collection contains a WPA translation of Captain Beranger's reports on his explorations of Louisiana from 1697 to 1722. Contains Indian dictionary.
Dates: 1937-1938