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LaRC. Louisiana Research Collection

 Record Group
Identifier: LaRC
Collections of the Louisiana Research Collection at the Special Collections Library, Jones Hall, Tulane University.

Found in 2077 Collections and/or Records:

Bonneron, John A. letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-639
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a letter from Jn. A. Bonneron, San Francisco, dated September 20 1855, to J. Ducasting & Co., Bordeaux France, concerning the statuss of the Company's business in San Francisco. The letter is written in French.

Dates: 1855

Book of Formulas

Identifier: LaRC-B-086
Scope and Contents

A book of formulas in French by Chuard Marcelin.

Dates: Undated

Boston Club of New Orleans records

Identifier: LaRC-214
Scope and Contents The Boston Club was founded 1841, and was named not for the city of Boston, but for a card game.  Its members were leading business gentlemen of New Orleans.  Its first quarters were on Royal Street, and moved several times to different locations in downtown New Orleans. The collection consists of handwritten and typed correspondence, financial records, minutes, charters, bylaws, histories, annual reports, photographs, invitations with stamped and postmarked envelopes, printed programs for...
Dates: 1870-1966

Boston Massacre Account

Identifier: LaRC-B-148
Scope and Contents

A copy of a contemporary newspaper account of the Boston Massacre.

Dates: Other: Undated

Botanical Society of New Orleans papers

Identifier: LaRC-M-145
Scope and Contents

General plan for the proposed Arboretum for the New Orleans City Park and two copies of the "Arboretum Bulletin" issued by the Arboretum Board (1937) and distributed widely to publicize the need and value of a local arboretum and to interest possible donors.

Dates: 1935-1937

Bouny and Sanchez families papers

Identifier: LaRC-328
Scope and Contents

Collection includes mortgage documents, slavery documents, a bill of lading, shipping documents, promissory notes, donation notes, property documents, a death notice, a land office refund, a shopping list, a post card, and poems in French. There are many legal documents for property transactions and purchases of slaves by Pierre Sidney Sanchez and by the widow of Pierre Godefroy Bouny.

Dates: 1828-1907

Bowman family papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: LaRC-175
Scope and Contents This collection consists of personal papers of the Bowman family of Maryland and Louisiana. Included are handwritten and typed correspondence, post cards, Valentines and other greeting cards, telegrams, diaries, legal and financial documents, diplomas, certificates, a map, medical papers, life insurance documents, a 1918 passport of Ruth Green Bowman, French World War I rationing stamps for bread, American Red Cross papers, poetry, sheet music, church programs, calling cards and other items...
Dates: 1815-1972

Boynton Historical sketch of the Virginia campaign

Identifier: LaRC-M-445
Scope and Contents

Two copies of the pamphlet "Should Auld Acquiantence Be Forgot: 36th Annual Ecampment G.A.R." dated October 6, 1902 in Washington D.C. via Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. The pamphlet consists of a historical sketch of the Virginia Campaign of 1902 with a complete map of the battlefields.

Dates: 1902

Bradford, James M. Imprints

Identifier: LaRC-M-611
Scope and Contents This collection contains a summons to Adam Palmer, Sarah Palmer, and John Austin to appear in the Parish Court of Feliciana on June 17, 1811, to testify in the case of Absalom Best vs. John Gready, signed by James Bradford as Clerk. It also contains a bond to stay execution, granted to John Crocker and Aaron Gorham, who were bound to John Reynolds for one hundred dollars, signed by Bradford as a witness. Both documents were printed by Bradford. The second document is dated December 5, 1811;...
Dates: 1811

Braxton Bragg to Robert E. Lee letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-1130
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of a letter from General Braxton Bragg to General Robert E. Lee regarding the movement of Union troops in Virginia, dated 1864 April 8. It also contains a contemporary copy on General Headquarters letterhead.

Dates: 1864

Breda, J. Ernest Letters

Identifier: LaRC-M-616
Scope and Contents This collection contains three letters from J. Ernest Breda, District Attorney of the 9th Judicial District of Louisiana, dated August 11 1873, and addressed to Hon. J. R. Beckwith, U.S. District Attorney at New Orleans, Hon. S. B. Packard, U.S. Marshal, and Hon. George H. Williams, Attorney General of the United States, telling of the riot in Colfax in April, the indictment of about 140 of the participants on July 9, and the threats against the court on July 24 by a group of armed men. He...
Dates: 1873

Brenan family papers

Identifier: LaRC-583
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of letters written by Richard, Mathew, and Octavius McDermit Brenan. Richard Brenan, a lawyer, came to New Orleans and settled there in 1828. The letters are personal and descriptive in nature, describing life and society in New Orleans and Charleston during the 1830s.

Dates: 1828-1863; Other: Majority of material found within 1830-1840

Bres Family papers

Identifier: LaRC-659
Scope and Contents The collection consists of the family and business correspondence of the Bres Family and their relatives both in Louisiana and France. Development of a Commission Merchant business is reflected in the letters and financial papers.Contains one series (referred to as 659A in documentation) regarding the Katherine Bres School. The series contains articles from the school, letters to the school in appreciation of donations received by several organizations and some correspondence...
Dates: 1820-1980

Brewster H. Jayne letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-242
Scope and Contents

Letter from Brewster H. Jayne in Covington, Louisiana to Selah B. Strong in New York concerning Jayne's personal affairs in Louisiana, his rivalry with Thomas Mills, and great possibilities for self advancement found in the state.

Dates: 1817

Brig John Decatur log

Identifier: LaRC-M-772
Scope and Contents

This collection contains the log of the Brig John Decatur of Portsmouth, NH, sailing from Boston to New Orleans and return. Brig was in the Mississippi River September 13 to November 20, 1828. Captain William Deverson died on the ship and was replaced by D. Ilesley. Log mentions mainly weather and location while at sea, but does also mention the process of loading and unloading cargo in New Orleans and down river.

Dates: 1828

Brion letter (copy)

Identifier: LaRC-M-733
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a copy of a letter from Brion, treasurer for the French troops at New Orleans, to his brother, J. B. Brion, clerk of the court in Paris. The letters pertains to the overthrow of the French troops in Louisiana and the lack of pay for the soldiers.

Dates: 1769

Brounjohn critique

Identifier: LaRC-M-597
Scope and Contents

"High Art in New Orleans" is a four page critique of paintings by William Feschurnder on display in New Orleans signed by Brounjohn. Manuscript is undated but probably was created around 1850.

Dates: Undated

Brown, James Letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-612
Scope and Contents This collection contains a personal letter from James Brown, Washington, dated December 27 1821, to Mayor J. Roffignac, in which he discusses the state of public affairs, with revenue commensurate with expenditures so that, barring some unpropitious change, there will be no need for borrowing or imposing taxes. He regrets the unpleasant difficulties with France about tonnage and duties and wishes they could be adjusted. He felicitates Mayor Roffignac on the improved health conditions of the...
Dates: 27 December 1821

Bruce Manning Scrapbooks

Identifier: LaRC-B-190
Scope and Contents

The scrapbooks contain material pertaining to Bruce Manning, a Hollywood film writer, and to the pictures for which he wrote the sceenplay. The volumes include clippings from newspapers and trade journals, press releases, publicity materials, candid photographs taken on the set, and congratulatory letters and telegrams.

Dates: 1934-1953

Buchannon, Carroll and Co. records

Identifier: LaRC-M-44
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of correspondence, contracts, legal documents and business transactions of Buchannon, Carroll and Co. of New Orleans, Louisiana. The collection contains two folders, consisting of 65 items. The documents pertain to the everyday business conducted by Buchannon, Carroll, & Co. as well as the affairs of their clients.

Dates: 1846-1900

Burnet, David G. Paper

Identifier: LaRC-M-609
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a promissory note for $150.00 to David G. Burnet from Benjamin Williams, San Jacinto, 4 May 1838. On verse, an endorsement to General Felix Houston signed by David G. Burnet.

Dates: 1838

Burruss family papers

Identifier: LaRC-105
Scope and Contents The Burruss family papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, clippings, bills and receipts, and other printed matter. The correspondence is made up of three main groups: letters from Mary Burruss McGehee to her brother John W. Burruss while he was a student at Wesleyan University, Connecticut (1834-1835); letters from John W. Burruss to his father John C. Burruss discussing work and activities on the plantation (1840-1859); and letters from John T. Semple and W.W. Semple, Confederate...
Dates: 1827-1902

Bussière Rouen French Opera House papers

Identifier: LaRC-M-24
Scope and Contents

History of the French Opera in New Orleans written by Bussière Rouen, New Orleans lawyer and literary enthusiast. Includes two letters and one essay. All items in French.

Dates: 1930

Byrd D. Fowler collection

Identifier: LaRC-58
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of letters written to Mr. Byrd D. Fowler, a teacher at the Maybin School. The letters were written by about a hundred of his former students who served in the Armed Services during World War II. There are also copies of letters from Fowler, newspaper clippings, and photographs.

Dates: 1942-1957; Other: Majority of material found within 1942-1945

C. Edmund Kells papers

Identifier: LaRC-281
Scope and Contents This collection is composed primarily of the professional papers of Louisiana dentist and inventor, C. Edmund Kells, D.D.S. (1856-1928). Included are his printed patents with ribbons and seals, issued by the United States and by Canada, correspondence, printed material such as brochures and a few miscellaneous issues of dentistry journals, invitations, letterhead stationery, envelopes, business cards, calling cards, appointment cards, accounting sheets, checks, drawings of his inventions and...
Dates: 1875-1930

Cain family papers

Identifier: LaRC-679
Scope and Contents The collection consists of correspondence, personal papers, diplomas, nominations, a photograph and a travel guide. Materials in the collection relate to the Cain, Fatjó, and Tallon families. There is correspondence between Thomas Fatjó in New Orleans and Miguel Boadella in Barcelona about the succession of Fatjó's parents and other family matters. There are also personal documents from the Tallon family and John Cain and his son. Also included are diplomas for Thomas Fatjó and John...
Dates: 1809-1921

Calling, advertising, and greeting cards

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: LaRC-512
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of early twentieth century manufactured cards of three types: calling cards, advertising cards, and greeting cards. Most were printed in color, in the United States, and are undated; the postmarks on mailed greeting cards range from 1906-1920. The greeting cards span all of the major American holidays, and some of them have apparently been amended with glitter.

Dates: 1906-1920

Campany, Candido Domenechi identification certificate

Identifier: LaRC-M-640
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a document identifying Candido Domenech Campany as a member of the Guardia Civil of Puerto Rico. Dated 20 April 1896 and initialed by the Spanish governor of the Province of Puerto Rico. Written in Spanish.

Dates: 1896

Campbell, Mattie M. obituary

Identifier: LaRC-M-641
Scope and Contents

This collection contains the obituary notice from the newspaper for Miss Mattie M. Campbell, who died in New Orleans, March 5, 1888.

Dates: 1888

Canadian land grant

Identifier: LaRC-M-600
Scope and Contents

Canadian land grant that reflects the transfer of 91 acres in the township of Newark in the county of Lincolm to Arent Bradt.

Dates: 1790