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LaRC. Louisiana Research Collection

 Record Group
Identifier: LaRC
Collections of the Louisiana Research Collection at the Special Collections Library, Jones Hall, Tulane University.

Found in 2079 Collections and/or Records:

Arthur A. Crais papers

Identifier: LaRC-785
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of correspondence, certificates, clippings, photographs, pamphlets, bills, minutes, and other materials that relate to Arthur A. Crais' career in the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1960 to 1972. Crais was particularly involved with Delgado Trade School, higher education, flood control, pharmacy workers, and political reapportionment. There is a large number of clippings that cover his political career from 1950 to 1972.

Dates: 1935-1972

Arthur A. Page collection of cartes de visites

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: LaRC-297
Scope and Contents This collection consists of visiting cards collected by Arthur A. Page, previously belonging to his father Alfred F. Page. They are grouped into small folders or mounted in an album. Signed or unsigned photographic portraits of Civil War soldiers, both Union and Confederate, are included, such as Maj. Gen. B. F. Butler, Gen. Braxton Bragg, William H. Pelton (dated 1863), Gen. O. Bowen, and Gen R. Anderson. Other collected cards depict a variety of popular or famous people of the era, or...
Dates: 19th century

Arthur Andolph Diettel photographs

Identifier: LaRC-M-236
Scope and Contents

Photographs of Captain Arthur Adolph Diettel (1887-1918)  taken at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana in 1918. He died in an accident at the camp.

Dates: 1887-1918

Arthur Brooks letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-404
Scope and Contents

Letter from Arthur Brooks, Rectory of the Incarnation at 209 Madison Avenue in New York to Reverand William C. Winslow concerning subscription to the Palestine Exploration Fund made by Reverand Brooks.

Dates: 1886

Arthur Feitel article

Identifier: LaRC-M-454
Scope and Contents

Collection contains a copy of the original account of the experiences at the Delgato Museum entitled "Confessions of a Frustrated Museum Enthusiast" by Arthur Feital. The account covers the period of 1924-1966 and is signed by the author.

Dates: 1966

Arthur G. Nuhrah collection on John McDonogh

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: LaRC-31
Scope and Contents This collection consists of papers relating to research by Arthur G. Nuhrah on the life and career of John McDonogh of New Orleans, La. Included are handwritten and typed research notes, transcribed letters and other papers of John McDonogh, research photographs including one of a painted portrait of McDonogh, photostatic copies, research microfilm including images of earlier documents in other repositories, scrapbooks of research papers, bibliographies, note card files, newspaper clippings,...
Dates: 1940-1954

Arthur J. Naquin Engineering Reports

Identifier: LaRC-B-240
Scope and Contents

Collection consisting of 7 bound volumes of Engineering Reports for the Experimental Engineering Laboratory Courses at Tulane University prepared by Arthur J. Naquin from Sept. 1921 to June 1924.

Dates: 1917-1924

Arthur Monroe Shaw diaries

Identifier: LaRC-236
Scope and Contents The collection is made up of forty-four short-entry diaries of civil engineer Arthur Monroe Shaw (1870-1942). Most of the diaries relate to Shaw's various engineering projects, but there are also entries that relate to his social and family activities. Shaw worked first in the Midwest on railroad construction and drainage projects, then went to Mexico to help work on a railroad down there. In 1909 he moved to New Orleans and worked on land reclamation, drainage, and city sanitation. From...
Dates: 1892-1942

Arthur Silverman papers

Identifier: LaRC-992
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of photographs, sketches, designs, plans, correspondence, and other papers of New Orleans sculptor, Dr. Arthur "Art" Silverman. The binders have been assembled by Silverman and his staff to document the creation, installation, and display of his sculptures, jewelry, and other works.

Dates: 1944-2007; Other: Majority of material found in 1975-2007; Other: Date acquired: 02/11/2009

Arthur Symons letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-140
Scope and Contents

Letter from Arthur Symons, Effingham House, Arundel Street, London, to a friend or colleague named Smithers stating that he is sending the revised proof and commenting on several manuscripts and the publishing house.

Dates: 1896

Artigues and Riecke families papers

Identifier: LaRC-201
Scope and Contents The collection consists of a group of papers, correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings (1949-1985), scrapbooks, and genealogical materials of two New Orleans families, the Artigues family of France and the Riecke family of Germany. Includes the complete service record of Jean Joseph Artigues (1848-1852), in the first Company of Workers of Artillery in Algiers and the Extra de l'Estafette. Also includes documents of conscript, birth certificates, financial documents, promissory notes,...
Dates: 1809-1985

Artillerie d'Orleans papers

Identifier: LaRC-M-723
Scope and Contents

This collection contains lists of members of various companies of the Artillerie d'Orleans (Orleans Batallion of Artillery), giving name, age, address, birthplace, and occupation.

Dates: 1876; Other: Date acquired: 03/09/1948

Asbury Lane Jarratt medical license

Identifier: LaRC-M-17
Scope and Contents

License to practice medicine in Mississippi issued to Asbury Lane Jarratt, a graduate of University of Louisiana Medical School.

Dates: 1882 May 29

Audubon Park Association Ledger

Identifier: LaRC-B-114
Scope and Contents

Financial ledger which lists the income and the expenditures of the Audubon Park Association for the period 1905 to 1915.

Dates: 1905-1915

Audubon Park Association Papers

Identifier: LaRC-M-618
Scope and Contents

This collection contains papers including financial statements of the Audubon Park Association for 1906 and 1914, a report of the secretary for 1913 and 1915, and two interest statements for 1915 and one of 1916. It also contains various deposit slips for 1915 and 1916, as well as a few letters dealing with the business of the Association.

Dates: 1906-1916

August Davis Music Book

Identifier: LaRC-B-150
Scope and Contents

A collection of sheet music belonging to August Davis and covering the period from 1851-1876 There are approximately 42 items bound in one volume. Many of the pieces were published in New Orleans and were composed by August Davis.

Dates: 1851-1876

Auguste Davis sheet music

Identifier: LaRC-M-1010
Scope and Contents

This collection contains original manuscript sheet music titled "Fantasie on the Beautiful Courtableau." Written in pencil. Four instrument lines, including one C clef, with "Trio" on second page.

Dates: Undated

Augustin and Wogan families papers

Identifier: LaRC-223
Scope and Contents The collection consists of family papers, primarily of the Augustin family, with notes and papers of the Wogan family. In addition, there are writings by Jeanne Wogan Arguedas, who wrote under the pen name Anne Labranche. The Augustin family papers consist of records of Jean Augustin and his wife Marie Sauton as well as a petition signed by prominent New Orleanians in favor of Honorable Donatien Augustin, Judge of the Fifth District Court (1857). There are genealogies for the Wogan family as...
Dates: 1803-1936

Augusto Miceli papers

Identifier: LaRC-924
Scope and Contents This collection is made up of correspondence, research notes, clippings and other reference material used by Augusto Miceli for writing his books, The Pickwick Club of New Orleans, and The Man with the Red Umbrella, the story of Giacomo Beltrami's exploration of the upper Mississippi River. The Mistick Krewe of Comus in 1857 set up a "front" organization, which they called the Pickwick Club. Miceli was a Pickwick Club historian and lawyer in New Orleans. The collection contains the...
Dates: 1813-1975; Other: Majority of material found in 1950s-1960s

Augustus Charles Fowler medical papers

Identifier: LaRC-M-352
Scope and Contents

The collection contains a document issued by the Louisiana Board of Health that certifies that Doctor Augustus Charles Fowler is licensed to practice medicine in Louisiana. There is also an undated printed advertisement for "Platt's Chlorides" with signatures of the phycisians who endorse the disinfectant.

Dates: 1883

Autographs series

Identifier: LaRC-534
Scope and Contents

This collection contains primarily presidential autographs. Included are: Grover Cleveland, September 24 1890; Woodrow Wilson, February 3 1911; Manuel Quezon, December 20 1913; Theodore Roosevelt, June 16 1915; Herbert Hoover, June 30 1917; Franklin Roosevelt, October 15 1928; Herbert Hoover, June 30 1941 (and a copy of a letter from Donald Renshaw to Hoover, for which Hoover's letter was a response); and Charles G. Dawes, September 5 1947 and September 7 1950.

Dates: 1890-1950

Automobile advertisement

Identifier: LaRC-M-305
Scope and Contents

This advertisement is a brochure for the "Columbia Mark XLVI," an automobile manufactured by the Electric Vehicle Company of Hartford, Conneticut. The brochure has a photograph of the car and a detailed list of specifications. Also included is a business card.

Dates: Undated; Other: Date acquired: 12/09/1966

Avegno, Binder, and Co. quotation list

Identifier: LaRC-M-827
Scope and Contents

This collection contains quotation lists and report on the tendencies of the market from Avegno, Binder, and Co. Avegno, Binder, and Co. were Stock, Notes, Exchange, and Real Estate Brokers in New Orleans.

Dates: 1858

Avenel family papers

Identifier: LaRC-448
Scope and Contents

This is a collection of letters from Adolphe Avenel, New Orleans, primarily from members of his family in France. Most are of personal nature. Of special interest is one letter from his mother describing recent events in the Revolution in France (June 30, 1848). Among other correspondents are: Victor Martin, France; A. Lecomte, Mandeville; and Jules Grégoire, San Francisco. There are also a few letters to his daughter, Marie Avenel, from relatives in France.

Dates: 1845-1873

Avis a une dame de qualita

Identifier: LaRC-M-1069
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a volume composed and written by Madame la Duchesse de Ligneville, mistress of Emperor Francis (husband of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria). The Duchesse gave the manuscript to the Emperor, who had it bound and presented to their illegitimate son, the Duke de Ligneville. The imperial crown, mounted on the double cross of the Holy Roman Empire, appears in gold tooling on the four corners of each cover. In French.

Dates: n.d.

Baker, Lewis letter

Identifier: LaRC-M-635
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a letter, dated March 7 1917, from Dr. Lewis Baker, Dayton, Ohio, to G. K. Reynaud, New Orleans, concerning a prescription which he is sending in the letter.

Dates: 1917

Bark Loretto Fish freight list

Identifier: LaRC-M-861
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a freight list for the Bark Loretto Fish from New Orleans to New York; includes shippers, consignees, packages, etc.

Dates: 1845

Bark May Flower manifest records

Identifier: LaRC-319
Scope and Contents

The Bark May Flower ship manifest records contains a freight book, delivery notes, and regulations for the Bark May Flower. The freight book and delivery notes are primarily for cotton, but also for other goods such as leather, tobacco, and sugar. The Bark May Flower was based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The sailing ship's name was sometimes written Mayflower.

Dates: 1848-1866; Other: Majority of material found in 1848-1852

Barnum Print

Identifier: LaRC-M-794
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a print by E. Purcell, advertising P. T. Barnum's Great Roman Hippodrome, which occupied the entire block between Madison and Fourth Ave. and 26th and 27th St.

Dates: 1874 June 12

Baron de Carondelet appointment

Identifier: LaRC-M-726
Scope and Contents

A document dated 1793 July 9, New Orleans, signed by the Baron de Carondelet, Governor of Louisiana, in which he appointed Antonio Gautier "Teniente" of the Post of San Carlos de Misuri. The commission was countersigned by Andrés López Armesto. In Spanish. With a transcription/translation.

Dates: 1793